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Traditionally on the labour market of the Crimea the most sought after professionals in the field of trade. Crimea is now heavily built up, therefore there is a significant deficit among construction companies and real estate.

the population of the Republic is constantly growing, established economic preferences favor the development of business, the number of businesses increasing, competition is growing including in the labour market. In the Crimea there is a growing shortage of labour resources.

One of the classic trends of tourism in the region is a pronounced seasonality in the season, the population of the Crimea and the consumer the ability to grow more than 4 times and as a result, there is a lot of turnover in all sectors.

Employment by economic activity in the Republic of Crimea

One of the peculiar trends of the Republic – the rising average age of residents, increasing the level of demographic old age. This is due, primarily, to the fact that the Crimean real estate is actively buying off the Russians, and in most cases they are people of retirement and pre-retirement age, which implement his dream of a life in the Crimea.

In turn, we observed some outflow of specialists: people who grow up at us in the segment of wholesale and retail trade, is very popular on the mainland in the Crimea is very high competition in the segment of distribution (the density of competition in the Crimea has always been 20-30% and sometimes 300% higher than on the mainland), and is great for sellers: the professionals who were able to "survive" in the Crimea, in other areas work with ease.

In the Crimea, as in the rest of Russia, we observe a mismatch between demand and supply, which concerns the preparation of young professionals.

Dynamics of the recruitment services market, compared to the previous year, the negative: is consolidation of business, are internal processes optimization and companies prefer to hire their own recruiters. In my opinion, it is not fully justified, since such solutions give economic benefits only in large companies of 1,000 people. In companies of smaller scale, more profitable and efficient to give this function to outsourcing.

Actively developing the direction of outsourcing or personnel of accredited Private Employment Agencies (pea).

to Select the personnel has become more difficult. Firstly the high level of competition, now employers are competing for staff, and secondly methods of search and selection of personnel in Crimea since the transition in the Russian Federation sharply back in the direction of off-line technology, which significantly reduces the speed of recruitment processes. This is a temporary phenomenon – some web resources was under sanctions, there is a replacement of the popular services on the Russian, while the position of the Russian job sites are still weak in our market. We certainly expect in the near future a return to the familiar technologies. And develop unique, low-budget technology step-by-step, piece-work recruitment, which allow forces and instruments of the entire Association to close as local jobs and complex projects mass recruitment at any point of the Russian Federation.

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