When you watch the clip, which is so hypinol and stirred up the public when everything around in the blink of an eye turned into moralists and pseudo-patriots, when the veterans and their feelings remember not only on 9 May, when, at last, was particularly focused on the way the cadets do not really understand who has more problems: guys, has a wonderful sense of humor, in great physical shape and developed the concept, where it ends and begins the erotic dirty sex, or of "armchair experts"?

let's Start with the fact that this Institute train future civil aviation pilots, not pilots. In the first year is the military Department. It is not the army. This is not a godly institution. It is not an institution of morality and mores.

This is a simple school, like thousands of other educational institutions. Why these guys should be held hostage to the label "Army", "Elite" and so on? Since when personal free time spent with pleasure and creativity, not encroaching on the infringement of the rights and dignity of other citizens, not violate the laws, was regarded as a desecration of "Holy places", on aircraft, etc.? And when exactly, at what point, manipulations with bananas become a challenge to the public, a slap in the face to society, and a tacit confirmation that you are a representative of the LGBT community? But if the guy like the girl, however, his mouth a Lollipop or ice cream sticks, or whatever else is associated with the phallus anyone?...

the Sexual illiteracy of the population, chronic sexual dissatisfaction has reached a new stage of development. Mass displacement of their natural instincts, a strong belief that sex = filth, dirt, gave rise to the General hysteria on this topic.

the Female body is perceived and a priori intended for all that is very correct and appropriate reproduced by the students in a personal video. The fact that they "leaked" and it became available to the public, is another question. No one understood why men can't show imagination and openness to simple fun? It is not only the fans of melodramas, talk shows, trouble-makers, moralists and other fans backstage, but also among the representatives of higher echelons of power, too, is so broken thinking and associative array that at the sight of the young men's beautiful bodies, bananas, suspenders, in addition to thinking about what "terms of some homosexuals and homosexual" does not occur?

moreover, it is unclear why, being a pilot is not allowed to dance, to relax, at its discretion, have a sense of humor, wearing pink panties in the end? It turns out that if I love singing and French lace, I have work to do in the corps?

What a strange way to "dump" all into one pot, to generalize, stigmatize and embarrass all of those and that is beyond our consciousness? Where in us is the desire to imagine your neighbor in the worst possible light, to expose him in front of everyone that saw it we?

why is it so together and not massively laid out in the social network and are not organized rallies against the reality of those who are a disgrace to our country, violating our rights, just like those who rape children, robbing of veterans, as all those who can't defend himself? Why aren't we unified in such numbers where it is really necessary? The laws on education, on the provision of medical services, not to mention transport taxes, all this is discussed and "perebivaetsya" over the years, breaks us, leads to neurosis, psychosis, but does not force us to go further. No, the revolution no one calls, but if we are so indifferent, you have to make simple old truth: everything big starts small. Keeping track of your thoughts, words and actions, that read, what they watch, what and with whom to participate, communicate, and discuss how, exactly, who are equal, etc. - that is a necessary condition that starts any changes. Positive constructive changes that are shaping, strengthening and developing you personally, your mind, your thinking, your living this life, not passive aspiration to the herd.

the results of the thoughts and feelings often lead the average person to the fact that he, as the saying goes, "make mountains out of molehills and an elephant of a fly". The manifestations of this harmful property in the nature of man become particularly intense during such events as wars, civil wars, etc. At such times, especially acute condition which is recognized even by the people and under whose influence they are, with rare exceptions, all fall, and which they call "mass psychosis". The main characteristic of this condition is that when ordinary people with their already weak thinking, which in these times is weakening even more, accept on faith what they say different are mad in every sense of the word victims of these malicious fabrications and manifest themselves completely automatically, by G. Gurdjieff.

Maybe the time has come to fully realize that foreign wars have long ago departed and war of the modern man with himself and with false enemies of the cause "the deaf has always believed that those who dance - crazy"?
Mahenova Svetlana
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