About shame and fear to declare itself as about the expert


to Appear in the public space with his "I" can be very difficult.
Scared and ashamed to write on my own, my personal opinion and view. To offer your own product of labor.

But we live in a time when many experts difficult to find customers, not declaring himself publicly.
People just don't learn about you, if you don't tell.
no matter what the case, services of a psychologist, a coaching session, custom cakes, educational centre or manicure.
faced With this, I think, by many experts.

And I'm no exception.
to Talk about what I'm offering advice - it's literally to offer themselves.
Because my advice is a product that reflects me. Without my presence it will not work.
When I offer my services, it seems that I can assess you or criticize you.
that's scary.

There are people who boldly talk about their I the business. But there are other, more vulnerable.

I want to say that doubt is normal, to be afraid, too.
do Not go where unsafe too normally.
I feel comfortable on instagram, my supportive audience. I write mostly in there.

I remember the first times I wrote something with his opinion and not someone else's quote or repost.
well it Was sooooo scary!
Over time, this fear has passed, and through the action of the appeared support.

Now the fear arises again every time I do something new.
And I realized that this fear will always be. He is a companion.

lately, I perceive it as an indicator.
I'm scared, so this is something there.
When I have resources I check what when there - sitting safe and not blame myself for it. Because it's okay.

For me, the profession of psychologist is important because there are people who will say: "what's going on with you is normal".
And I can be that person for this and write here.

Such feelings as fear and shame familiar to me. But also I'm quite familiar experience like to be friends with them and out of the shadows😊

To me, you can turn to for support in such matters as:
- presentation of themselves and their business publicly;
- uncertainty in the forces;
- shame and vulnerability;
- fear and lack of internal supports.

I think it is important and relevant issues in the Internet age, and the narcissism🙌

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