the words of Charlie Kaufman about what we lack sincerity to me, is particularly important in connection with the search for the answer to the question: "How to be yourself". And the first thing we think about after found the answer to the question is: "how do we accept?". And for many it inspires fear. Not enough knowledge about what you really are, you also need to be able to Express themselves. To defend the truth. br>
I quote from a lecture by Kaufmann: "the world needs You. He doesn't need those who come to a party reading a book on how to make a good impression: they exist, and they certainly tempting, but try not to fall for them hook. The world needs people who are not afraid to admit that something does not know, and who are sincere and friendly". br>
Kaufman calls us to be sincere, but it is difficult, and most importantly scary. The millennial generation, due to the increasing technologization of the social space, it becomes harder and harder to communicate with others, harder to be yourself, all of the above is fear to be misunderstood, not accepted, rejected.

Blogs and therapists are so popular simply because they give at least some opportunity to Express themselves, to lift the veil and show yourself to the world, though not all, that at a certain angle, but still show who you are. The blog is a space of creativity in which you have the right, unless you just ban that particular commenter. But to go into real space and do what you think is right, the courage to say that enough, not many. Charlie Kaufman in his lecture urged us to ensure that we behaved. Is not to be afraid and to go and do what YOU think is right.

the Office of a therapist than a blog - this is a safer space. Just imagine: the client gets into the office with tightly drawn curtains, creating a pleasant shade, a psychotherapist, calm, virtually devoid of any expression voice invites you to sit comfortably in a large armchair. Except here we can trap at least some danger? The therapist will not dare to judge, this is contrary to the ethical code of the first, and second, the essence of his profession is to provide a safe space, full of acceptance and sincerity, in which the person learns to overcome his fears and understand yourself better. And the customer has no choice as to become itself, to talk about his fears, about his insecurities, about their sorrows and their failures. Although the therapist and blogging help us to draw nearer to him, standing by itself, the main step, namely, step outside, step outside (leap into the void) commit ourselves all alone. When we decided to do something, we of course can write a blog about it or even talk about conceived with a therapist, but that in the first, the second option no one will do it for us. Readers of the blog may have something to recommend, can we listen to the same therapist, but he will point out one important detail: "only YOU YOURSELF are RESPONSIBLE for your choices." And we know that our choices may not lead to the desired results, and only we can deal with all that will follow the decision in reality. But since there are errors, we sometimes tend to compromise. As a psychologist, dispel the myth: THERE are NO mistakes! There is only the situation and the experience that we can from it extract. br>
the Second quote is from a lecture by Kaufman: "Be yourself. It's not easy, but vital. On the path to meet a lot of obstacles but the biggest one is a deep-seated belief that you are not interesting. And as to convince yourself otherwise you are unlikely to succeed, then just throw these thoughts out of my head. Think: "Yes, I may not be interesting, but I'm the only thing I can offer this world, and I want him to have something to offer. Being myself I'm doing him a big favor, because now it is found so rarely, but it brings so much good"". br>
I, along with Charlie Kaufman, I urge You to be ourselves, be honest with yourself, with the world, with other people, as this is the greatest value on earth.

Korostina Maria
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