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This article I wrote three years ago. But never published, I do not remember why... And today I stumbled on it and decided to let it be)) the Article is about stereotypes, and the theme of spinners as an example. Was popular spinners, they were fans, there were opponents. Someone as their spokesperson, someone scolded.  Now spinners unpopular, and examples of them are out of date, but nevertheless, the article itself its relevance is not lost.

With a stereotype to begin with? Well, for example, the last - spinners of interest only to fools! Or watch TV and only limited people! Serials only stupid! You need only look intelligent movie! Eat mayonnaise, will become fat! On vacation be sure to visit 100500 places, otherwise you're boring and uninteresting! Successful people do not experience difficulties in relationships. A real woman can't wear a house robe! And can continue indefinitely. They don't always sound right, sometimes indirectly, and it is clear what it is.

what is A stereotype? Here is the definition from a psychological website: "Stereotype – a relatively stable and simplified image of a social group, person, event, or phenomenon". Struck by two words - "sustainable", i.e. supported by the majority "simplified". Here it becomes clear why we need stereotypes. With them, you're not alone, you "most", and do not need to penetrate, to understand, in a word, to strain your brain. Quite a good defense mechanism, in Gestalt we call it intreccia.

what it protects? From loneliness, rejection, the need to take responsibility. After all, if I do something, speak or participate in something, then someone else may ask, why am I doing this, and start criticising me. And then I have to strain to explain to open to this person, be responsible for their actions. And this man may well be others who are different from me, and not want to accept my point of view, can devalue it. And in this place I stand alone and becomes unpleasant. Now, that was not frustrating, come to the aid of interacti. Everything is simple, without tension and most always on your side.

But all would be nothing if not for one feature. Before I talk about it, give an example. I recently spoke with one teenager, he said, "you Know why I don't buy my spinner?" - "Why?" - "Because it was created in the early nineties for retarded children".
In the course of our conversation it turned out that he knows a lot about the spinners, what are, what speed spinning, as long as arranged that removed the weights and how it affects myself the spinner how many there are, etc.. it is Worth noting that this teen-developed, well-read, with a lot of diverse interests. And obviously he was very interested in the spinner, but because of the stereotypes he does not allow himself to buy it, frustrare this need for fear of falling into the category of "retarded" (not taking into account the fact that the intellectual level is determined by a complex rating system, and not the presence or absence of any attribute; the presence of the spinner in hand does not guarantee low intelligence, as well as a photo book in instagram, does not guarantee high :)).

I tried to explain to him that I don't know of any toys that would be able to reduce the intellect that the intellect is a complicated thing and its development is influenced by many factors: innate ability, family situation, environment, relationships, leisure, etc. And not all toys, activities and actions must be focused on the development, which should be a place of idleness and relaxation, i.e. sometimes you need to paravesical, for the harmonious development and we need it. br>
Here is the feature - stereotypes limit! Are essentially formulaic mindset. Narrow review, frustrert sometimes important needs, not allow you to see the other in all its diversity. And then it turns out that seeing the person with the spinner, losing interest, putting the stamp of "a fool, perhaps," and reject a potential friend and perhaps an interesting companion. Or after a difficult hard work when you want to relax, turn off brain and relax, we spend the vacation on tour with an early rise and an intense schedule and is necessary for us travelers Deplete yourself even more. br>
Your stereotypes are difficult to see. How to understand, stereotype, or whether it is really my opinion or my choice? Here to help questions:

-this is true in all cases, with all, everywhere, or not?
-what it gives, what gives, what limits?
-what happens if I do not do? etc.

let's Try an example of a stereotype about mayonnaise. “eat mayonnaise, will be

Even if I have a good metabolism? Even if I eat its not much and not every day? If I replace the mayonnaise with sour cream, will be useful? And I would be delicious? I will get pleasure from this dish? But if I will eat today is a salad with mayonnaise, I get fat? And how soon? And under what conditions? Etc..
At this point, and there is flexibility, breadth, and understanding that there is no universal knowledge to each specific case needs a separate approach, what is true for one, may not work for another. br>
do Not jump to conclusions, reflect. And if your action does not bring harm to anyone, and you will be right, so what stops him to do, this is the stupid stereotype that prevents you to live in pleasure and to notice the world around us in all its diversity?

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