About stress, a rubber product, and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.


once an elder friend told me about "rubber product number 2" - who do not know, in the Soviet Union called condoms. The essence of the story boiled down to the fact that if such a product is "rushed", comrade, on the one hand, have experienced incredible stress, but at the same time the adrenaline rush had caused a vivid feeling of "fun". The question "what will happen now", despite a real threat, pleasantly tickled nerves.

Certainly, you also repeatedly noticed that there is a stress that mobilizes our body: gives strength, energy and desire to act, and there is stress provoking feelings of hopelessness, from which we slip into depression. So, stress is divided into "good" eustress, and "bad" - distress.

Any stress caused by emergency situation or emotional turmoil is heightened tension – aggregate reaction to irregular events, which is accompanied by release of hormones. Together with stress in your life come to "the four horsemen of the Apocalypse": epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol and prolactin.

that is, in fact, these "riders" are grazing inside you constantly, in and of themselves in the normal amount of these hormones perform an important function in the body. However, constant or prolonged stress, their excess can cause some serious violations.

Adrenaline is called the "hormone of fear". Under severe stress, it leads with a "friend" – "hormone frenzy" norepinephrine. Therefore, a so-called passive-defensive reaction when the fear of man begins to behave aggressively.

on the one hand, these hormones protect our nervous system, on the other – an overabundance of them empties the internal reserves of the body. Therefore, after stress we feel tired.

If the time of stress you want the stress to "seize", blame it on cortisol. It is the overabundance of this hormone is responsible for the extra pounds on my ass and waist.

Female hormone prolactin is extremely important for the body and is involved in the regulation of metabolism, and its excess provoked by prolonged stress leads to disruption of ovulation.

So how do you deal with stress?

ideally, stressful situations should be avoided, but if you live on the same planet with me, it's impossible. Forget and take it as a given. A good shaking up (in fact, a short eustress) can even go in your favor. The state of stress when you have a lot to do, and you are constantly teetering on the edge, can cause pleasant feelings and increase self-esteem – I'm cool! I demanded! I can!

Long-prolonged stress (distress), triggered by negative emotions, the source of which you are subject that can cause the body serious violations.

of Course, stress is different for everyone. And where one sees the minute hitch, the other draws a worldwide problem. However, there are some General rules for everyone, which can be used to minimize the unpleasant consequences of stress.

  • Change your attitude. Before the phrase was really annoying. All the situations I saw in black and white. Gradually, with age and experience came the understanding that the sign plus or minus in many situations you can neutralize. If you are stuck in traffic is, of course, stress and disadvantage. But the way you behave in this situation, it can be an action with a plus sign. Standing in the mirror, you can ring up friends and relatives, which is not always enough time. You can listen to the audiobook. You can teach a foreign language. You can review the schedule and decide working half of the questions on the phone. In the end, you can easily fix your makeup and drink a Cup of coffee. Your calm and rational approach to the situation change that you can not have a positive effect on your subsequent actions. Of the tube you choose not rumpled dress, with mascara smudges and the torn shreds of hair, and with fresh makeup, a serene smile and a new business strategy (after all, we have said that stress activates thought processes).
  • Change the situation. There are situations that can and must be changed. The main thing is not to cower. Go away from someone you offended, humiliated and not appreciated. Don't be afraid to fight back. And do not be silent do not hide your head in the sand if you have the strength to react. Yes, use norepinephrine and let the hormone of fear is produced by your abusers.
  • Change yourself. You learned to walk, talk and to cook. Many have elevated these skills to an art form. So why don't you learn how to control his emotions and reactions? It is also practical skills, and they also can learn. Acting classes to learn to speak in public. Drawing courses to relax and get away. Courses of foreign languages to form new neural connections and chat, finally, any foreigner on vacation. Courses of extreme driving or kickboxing (great thing – all the advice) to "let off steam". Regardless of your financial status, you can always find a way to change – it would wish.

a friend of Mine recently wrote me on Facebook: "Life without stress is like underwear without the elastics - like there, but what's the point?" So don't be afraid of the stress it adds to your life brightness and piquancy, but don't let it take you over the top.

only You can decide how to respond to those situations that "throws" your life. So, which way to choose in a situation with a "rubber product number two" - it's you. But it would be good not to forget the fourth of dealing with stress is to calculate the situation in advance, to the extent possible, to minimize it even before he come to visit you.

Cailin Vic
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