Cards in my life, present since childhood-the same normal deck,with plaid shirts, which many of you have played snap)) (by the way,as I learned recently,those cards are drawn Russian Royal family), we also played them sometimes family. But my grandmother was a native of their classic peasant family and as I now realize was a carrier of the Russian rural traditions and knowledge. Then I of it did not attach, but loved to ask her to tell fortunes. Grandma was usually no,but sometimes he'd wave, say you never give up)) and agreed. And then I with a sinking heart, listened to her interpretation of the familiar cards,which, however, carried another meaning,symbolic. Later as adults my friend and mentor gave me a Tarot deck with a book, but I couldn't begin to learn the Cards because you were afraid of them,honestly. I just seemed grimy annoying Gypsy, black magic and stuff...
And when in a few years, Alain solodilova asked me to draw together a Tarot deck in her sketches, I've been thinking whether to agree. However, I love to draw and so I decided to try . But for this it is necessary to know the Cards and their meanings and I went to training for Allen, who is herself a psychologist and tarragon at the same time for a long time. It turned out that there was nothing in the Tarot, but a well-constructed system of human conditions and stages,which can be used in psychology. Of course Tarot is a profound tool and meanings in them great variety, but I'm convinced that technology makes people and how he uses them depends on his personality and look. Now for me the Tarot of the familiar and habitual way to shed light on those situations where the mind comes to a standstill, amazing they definitely help to pay attention to those places that are shaded. I don't like to use cards for divination,because I believe that our way of life is very changeable and depends on the choices that we make every hour. But as an auxiliary tool in the consultations use cards if the need arises. If you have an interest in how the Tarot can be combined with psychological work-welcome to the consultation, it can be done even online.

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