Today I want to talk about the protective mechanism of refleksii.

What is deflexa?

Deflexa is avoiding direct contact with their emotions, feelings.
Can be expressed in the change of direction of emotion on another person, but also in denial of open discussion that you don't like, and replacing that action with nagging to something else.

one example, when it moves the object - when you're angry or experiencing some other emotion to one person and get another.

In my opinion, underrated and forgotten protection or care from a contact, which is not uncommon.

There is emotion in relation to any person, but there are also some idea that to experience this emotion to this person, "impossible" or dangerous, I have an article on this topic "Fear of conflict or how to always "be nice"

And the emotion that remains, lives in a body, and most likely the situation is repeated and it builds up. What to do?

Then the man finds someone who can "painlessly" to experience the emotion and not be "punished." And emotion is expressed. Here's a curve path.

real-life Examples and practices.

  1. a Woman has an anger to her husband. But relationships are codependent in nature. In such a relationship is not to say that don't like to Express themselves. Then the child may become the "scapegoat" or "easy drain" anger, anger, etc.
  2. All the trolling on the Internet. The Internet is the most beautiful and relatively safe place to drain the accumulated irritation, anger. In General, a drain I've seen on this site or in communities in social networks.
  3. Man don't like that the wife bad clean, litter in the kitchen. But instead of just say it, he starts to make trouble, accusing: "You don't appreciate me, no respect!"

Awareness to all of us!

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