Learn to be happy ... simple things. Sit, look at the stars at night, drink tea in a cozy cafe, listening to the sound of cicadas in the Park or just walk by the hand with loved ones, laughing is understandable only to the two of you jokes and feel the absolute, complete, nothing clouded happiness.

 how do not teach this people, fails to convince them that this is what makes life worth living. Enjoying each moment, every detail. Woke up this morning alive and healthy, had Breakfast delicious, looked out the window and there was peace and any time of the year, definitely good. What? Yes, any!

Autumn is a beautiful bright November rain.

Winter - with its snow and Christmas trees in bright, multicolored lights.

spring is the chirping of birds returning from warm countries.

the Summer - lush greenery, warmth, comfort and an incredible smell that grows from each blossoming flower.

Is it not happiness to see all this, just to be, just to live? Love your loved ones, hope for the best, waiting for more. But most importantly to appreciate the present.

And still love and pamper yourself. It is in any case is not selfishness or narcissism. This is normal and correct and even necessary to the people around you could “show” your relationship to yourself and also to love, respect and appreciate you as a person. After all, how you will love someone, if you do not know how to love even themselves..?

So remember that everything begins with us and always will be.  that is why you need to cherish, to love, to take pictures for memory, fly around the world to see it all, to fill your brain with useful, to develop, to analyze their mistakes.

to be able to be sometimes a little nihilists to save their nerves, to be honest with yourself, be interested in everything, to follow the diet and limit yourself from toxic people, do not be afraid to say “no”, and sometimes take risks especially if it is a dream of a lifetime. So always find some time for yourself, because You deserve it!

And if you want to change something in your life or in a relationship close to you, then  start again to do small changes themselves and subsequently you will notice the results of your work. Learn open, but not down to appreciate and love yourself, never forget this and this will see - You will be happy. Good luck!

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 sincerely, your psychologist Victoria Kirsta supervised over

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