About the Blues and force


Recently in therapy I have experienced the wonderful experience of connecting with his strong, energetic part of it.
I came in depressed, sad, devastated, and to some extent desperate.
outside the window, late autumn, grey and cold. And then only winter. Even colder and darker.

Current theme for me in therapy seemed like a dead end. All annoyed and angered. We wanted some relief, the exhale, but it didn't happen. I was worried myself weak and confused.
the Therapist tried very hard to help me, I saw how sincerely he is trying to share some my view of the situation from the outside, which is not so hopeless as I have from the inside.
But still nothing came out.

With all this, I was more interested in his other observation.
Sincere efforts of the therapist told me that to him personally into something hard with me now. So he's trying so hard.
I asked him directly if he really is going through with me the kind of difficulty?
Together we came to the conclusion that it is a genuine experience to me in this situation right now – anger.
he does.

I concentrated on his feeling and his response with interest of the researcher.
And Yes, I at some point seemed to have moved away from himself to the side, I saw, I felt that doing a kind of "game", as usual the repeating cycle of depression-despair-a dead end.
while within me, it turns out, there is some anger at the cycle of my game.
Some positive, energetic, healthy anger.

I was more interested and focused on this healthy anger.
turns out, she's mad because he knows how I'm really energetic and strong as much in me life and creative energy, and it sincerely pisses me off, when I spend time in the cycle game.
No, it does not invalidate, she calls me my strength.
Calling through the autumn Blues through the cold and darkness, through failures and falls.
To the light of life inside me.

I'm a Taurus by horoscope and I like to imagine my power in the form of a Bull.
He is in me, my Bull, that would be with me whatever happens.
I know.

And you know his strength?

Bakai Igor
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