🙏🏽Please read to the end!

✨I 6 days ago for the first time felt something new. I get up without an alarm clock, feeling rested, I have nothing hurts, head is fresh, full of energy and ideas!

✨I Have periodically had neck and right shoulder - I'll sleep like something is wrong or sudden movement will make something prejudiced, and go sick. Twist twirl the neck. Suffer the pain. Painkillers. Smeared with ointments. Irritate. I sleep badly. Don't want anything. Feel tired.

✨And now two weeks ago I decided and did not suffer as before. I fell into the hands of a wonderful neurologist and a chiropractor! Made the necessary survey. It turned out that my body is so long-suffering that the brain "has decided not to see the sick side" - gradually the skin on his right shoulder became less sensitive. The doctor said that this suggests that the process dragged on, turned into a chronic (!)

✨I'm only 30 years. I have been engaged in dancing and yoga. But it turned out that I do not understand and know about your body... and just now I learned that I need to do with the body on, how and what muscles to strengthen, what to pay attention!

🙏🏽This is my story about the familiarity with the body. I know how important it is and how cool it works!

✨In St. Petersburg has a "Special yoga", in which work with children who have peculiarities of development.

✨as a result of lessons miracles happen: someone has to breathe through the nose begins, someone unknown, someone for the first time your body begins to feel!

✨Experts in this project work with children for free or for a nominal fee. Classes are held individually or with two children.

🙏🏽I want as many people as possible learned about these classes and were able to support. Is now a good thing, do not stay indifferent! It would be great if you can tell us about the project and/or participate in the collection (link).

🙏🏽My colleague Mary Grekova charity, you can also ask her help in this project or in others (there is a Studio that takes cartoons children anabolico, orphanages).

✨Hug everybody! Let's be more happy and healthy children in the universe!✨

Natasha Gasilova
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