I Want to tell you about the book "whatever happened"...

This is a very touching story about how much kids need their parents love, no matter how they behave. Frankly – it is impossible to read to the end without tears.

of Course, kids are very important to hear from us parents that we love them any – gentle, sweet, angry or upset.

But let me make another point. Though this book is marketed for kids three years, but in my opinion, it would be relevant, starting with 1.5. Why?

at this age, 1.5 years, or closer to the end of the second year of life the child is experiencing a conflict of ambivalence (in fact, such a conflict we are all experiencing already much later, but at this age it becomes especially acute and topical). The child is going through a huge love for the other side of the mother who gives him love, care and security, and is as much hatred of the mother, who, in some ways it restricts and prohibits.

I recently wrote about how to manifest cleavage in instagram and social networks. And a very similar process can occur in the relationship between the mother and the child, if the mother herself does not have a certain degree of integration. At this age the child sees the mother as a reflection of himself, of his qualities in her. The child sees his mother – a good and separately bad and themselves – individually loved and worthy to receive and separate "bad" and deserving of punishment. And mother is very important to preserve the integrity and consistency of their reactions. If the mother is gentle and loving with the baby in those moments when he shows her love and in General well behaved, and responds sharply and aggressive in those moments when the child is angry at her and throws her a toy – she thereby reinforces his split perception. In the future, a child, becoming for adults, will swing emotional perceptions of other people from idealization to disillusionment and depreciation.

So, what I'm saying. This book is a great occasion to remind ourselves how much a baby needs is actually the fact that with him remained a reliable and loving adult in those moments when he became angry, "messed up" or don't agree with what we want from him. This does not mean to indulge his aggression. It means to stay close, ready to hear and accept his emotions, proposing a way or method of expression.

And perhaps most importantly, why this book cannot be read without tears – because in these words we often need when we can't do something, someone is not going well or just a day gone awry. Or do we need to feel that even if our parents did not, their love will always live in us.

These words penetrate not only into the soul of kids, but that our inner child part, which sometimes is also not enough attention, especially in parenthood. And in my opinion, that is why after reading the book, there is a warmth and tenderness in your heart, because you feel even stronger their relationship with the child and with themselves.

a Few pages laid out, the illustrations are very colorful and sincere.

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