About the book Irving aloma "How I became a"


the Book that shook me, I turned the soul and, apparently, the world will never be the same. So I want to share my impressions of "Memories" Irving aloma.

to begin with, for me, Yalom - the figure is special and very important. Inquisitive as I was reading his books! And even was a student when the Institute of Psychoanalysis conducted a tele-bridge. Therefore pass by this book I just didn't have a chance. Such an opportunity to touch the great psychologist and his history.

This autobiography, written retrospectively. The author describes his life from the height of past 80 years. What now looks like a child? What I recall parents? Yalom does not hesitate to show how powerful the current sustainable psychotherapist grew out of the suffering, neurotic, very poor Jewish boy. How codependent he desperately grabbed for his future wife! Very sincerely and honestly about all the irregularities of its history.

I read some of the "books" and artistic works of aloma. And it's healthy to read both in his biography about the history of these works. Solved the mystery of why so painful to read the first Chapter of "Group therapy"! Yalom admits that they are super-heavy, but after 4 reissues to cope with it could not.

a lot of speculation about what the price of success. What is the price that you world's most popular therapist? What is the dime that you're a world famous writer? As each of these forms affect another. What has been missed in life. What could be given more time. Regrets "icon" of psychotherapy.

a Curious fact. Imagine your art books Yalom wrote the textbooks! He wanted to teach students of psychotherapy in new ways. He wrote fiction books about psychotherapy. And they have taught people of different professions!

the face of old age. I think this genre can be called: "Talking with the grandkids". (Many of us, in a sense, the grandchildren of Irving aloma). The tone of the book similar to how to talk to our grandmothers. Sometimes stumbling, sometimes repeating, sometimes - dry facts and figures, sometimes choking with emotion. Very honest about old age. He writes this book in 85. At this age, he still leads the practice and taking clients. Admire? And the Irvine admits that the fear of death.

sobering, this book. Some therapeutic transformation and awareness happen right in the process of reading. Striking sincerity and awakens the senses. Some places I read, openly weeping.

Read! This book is worth it!

Egorova Maria
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