Imagine that tomorrow I have a holiday. For example, even the eighth of March. And I decided - if it happened women's day, then surely the partner is obliged to please me and make a cake! Of course, he also knows how to cook, so will do my best!
And here comes the long awaited day I went out to the kitchen, and no cake there. Think, probably, the partner decided to make it to the table. But for guests, I put the kettle on, but cake is not visible. Look in the fridge and there is some reason nothing. What a mess? I come to the partner and say:
- Soooo, where's the cake?
What kind of cake?.. He asks in response.
- you had to cook! - Begin to aritizia me.
- I? Had? - Just lost a partner.
Well, of course! I so have been waiting for! Here's my dad every year the mother on the eighth of March made a cake! And Tanika husband makes the cake! I also need a cake!
the Mood is ruined, partner upset, confused guests. Holiday? What holiday?..
- what did you say? Only surprised partner, experiencing an unexplainable feeling of guilt for his slowness. But this is the best. Because at worst it can make noise and in my irrational surge to respond with aggression:
- I owe you nothing! - In and out, slamming the door.
it is even Difficult to decide which option is sadder. Probably, I dream of a complete fusion with the partner that I'm sure he must guess all my desires.

maybe, I decided that the partner doesn't owe me anything? Of course, he's working a lot, busy, and I'm good to cook cakes. I wanted the cake itself it and will. Yes, and a couple of salads — the guests will come. Guests, by the way, to entertain as the same as themselves because they cannot cope. So, you need to shop, then with huge bags home, then be prepared to get out, then Marafet to direct, but when I came to visit you... and no, this is not to relaxation, guests need to take a reality, to inspire, to share. And then, when they leave, all the dishes to wash. And again to get out. Sound familiar? And another partner is an insensitive brute. No, a woman to help on a holiday, and he quietly sits in the corner and the nose does not seem. And then another, and comes up with stupid excuses — I didn't mean to interrupt. Well, not a scoundrel?

But also not very bright prospects. Then maybe I can use one of their evolutionary superiority over the animals and tell about their desires partner? As well noticed a friend — words through the mouth.
- Honey, are you making me a cake? - I ask gently.
- Cake? - Surprised partner.
- Yes. My dad always cooked for mom cake on the eighth of March.
- Here is how? Well, if you want, I'll try to cook up something.
And Sparapet. Kriven'ko, or with an elegant pattern of cream but the cake I'll have as I wanted.
And it may happen that the partner will respond:
- Yes, I do not matter to your cake!
And then I'm thinking, I need a cake or partner. And why do I need a partner, who do not care about my cakes. In every case.
Or it may be that the partner will respond like this:
- You know, darling, but I do not know how to cook a sweet tooth. Let me in the morning I run to the store and bring any cake that you want.
Or I think it is important that the partner himself with his own hands had prepared? Then in the cake matter? And why is it so difficult to directly ask the partner to pay attention to me?

When you cease to fear their desires, they begin to come to pass. And women recognized as the weaker sex, sometimes it's good to become bolder and learn to speak. Yes, words through the mouth.

congratulations, my dear girls, ladies, ladies! Don't be afraid of your desires!

(C) Safonova Natalia

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