About the contact in hypnotherapy and what it destroys. Part 2


Another observation about how the session turns into a full-fledged “dead theater”.

considering client's previous work experience with a hypnotherapist. He tells how during the session, he is instructed to listen and accept suggestion. And then the hypnotist says, “Tell yourself - I am brave and daring boy, I am confident in everything I say and do!..» 


the customer instantly on all the criticism and filters. He realizes that he does not want to accept these suggestions, they are sharply contrary to his beliefs. But even more perplexing, it is an internal question “why would he think that I want to be associated with a clear kid!?”. 

And I specifically said, not did it as a provocation, an attempt staggering emotion to her work. No, this was in all seriousness, it was sincere on the part of the hypnotist. 

After that's strange intervention, the hypnotist did not take no feedback, did not ask how people feel. But he felt not very good, because he felt that his emotionally used, having obtained confidence, have spoiled the soul. 

This is another example of what a hypnotherapist can be insensitive to the situation and client, he sculpts something out of their ideas, not paying attention to someone in front of him and why this man has come. 

If we are talking about direct suggestions, a greater sense of confidence (another positive state), it should be taken out of the customer experience, from the analysis of his thinking. 

the Man himself will tell you, when he was good he felt, how felt. “I felt like a winner when he scored a goal in the match against the door”. “I felt that I could do anything, I can do it when dad helped me”. Someone, perhaps, “I bold and clear kid”, as an option. But everyone has their own experience and their own semantics.

This is just information from the conversation that people tell themselves, if you ask them. Specialist can only capture the state, to strengthen it at the right time, to show man that he can return to it easily. 

In this example we again see how the hypnotherapist works with the person and with their ideas. He feels that it is necessary to say so, and apparently, his boldness bothers to take feedback, to understand what was going on inside a person. And there was a rejection experience, rejection and desire to quickly finish it to go. 

In my opinion, it is also an example of a deep infancy as a specialist. He didn't just migrates, he does not notice that the emphasis is not sensitive to the status of his client. Because such things are usually visible. 

the Thing is very delicate, you know. Such gross inconsistencies of the process request, suggestion beliefs, can be quite close to your client. It may include such filters, which continue to make him nothing useful happens.

Therefore, the occurrence of such situations it is desirable to warn in advance, more deeply understand that the person in front of you. Or at least to notice and to dispose of such situation.

regards, colleagues. I will gradually sort out the little things that make up the process. Support, criticize, leave your opinion.

PS: this was not an isolated case.


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Alexander Bessmertnykh, PhD.the course of studies.Sciences, medical psychologist

Ilya Kinder, a clinical psychologist


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