Today I want to talk about the difficulties of forming a query and to share my personal experience.

Around your query I went a few years. I went to my therapist and when the topic dealt with the request, the answer was always - don't know, I avoided meetings, if you know that we will again touch upon the topic of the query. I said I want to end destructive relationships that destroy me, but continued to ostavatsya in them for a while, then I said I want to have fun, not to build something serious, and for some time continued to have fun. br>
Later, it all resulted in my request: I want to WANT to do! The other wording was not then nor now my request was not. br>
How it was hard for me to articulate it, to understand and accept this, to take on the responsibility that I don't want a relationship, realize what I'm afraid of them, then with one hand start to touch on what it is to live, not lived together with my therapist, to monitor their automatic thoughts and emotions which engulf and take up, go in small and large steps to the solution of your query. To learn to dream again and to think about healthy relationships what kind of relationship I want exactly to look for them - not to give up, then give up, but still keep in mind and in your reality that such relationships are possible and I will meet such person.

I met. Now I have a relationship. Healthy relationships, relationships of love, understanding and support. Me and my partner shared ideas on future plans and goals. I still continue to face their fears, but now I can recognize and tell me about them, I learn to talk with a partner, knows everything about the causes of one or another of their behavior, to listen and to hear.

This query: I want to WANT a RELATIONSHIP, for me the most trudnovospituemyh, the most painful and the most joyful, I rejoice in your success in solving this query, the joy to me now shared my favorite people.And as you formulated Your request?
Pepelyaeva Irina
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