Oh, and it's not easy to write about it... too many nuances as age, it, interpersonal, and territorial. This is the last stop today.

it's territory, you ask? And when all! From the fact that in the village the family lives in the town or in the city depends on TIMELY diagnosis, correction and development of autistic. the Quality of medical care in infancy and throughout adulthood, access to a speech therapist, defectology, psychologist in preschool and school age, as well as the possibility of diverse socialization are in direct dependence from the place of residence of the family.

Those who I would argue, can go to remote villages at least in our area and look at the infrastructure that could be "support" to your parents. Where to go? Who to contact if the old-timers sat down, and the parents believe kids with autism are "possessed", a spoiled, mentally ill?

Even at PMPC also, until recently, autism was "off" under the degree of mental retardation (problems of intellectual development) or mental retardation (mental retardation). No specialists, and autism.

When I sought help from the pediatrician, I not only understood, but also hinted about the criminal liability!!! because I want to make a child disabled. And I need a were the words: "Mom, do not worry, the right approach and features of education will help the child to be socially adaptive. Here, read literature, consult consult a pediatric neurologist, get the assistance of a psychologist and a speech therapist..." On reception at the psychiatrist, I learned about Rispolept and the doctor said that without any options autistic OBLIGED to accept, and after the age of majority - translate into a diagnosis of "schizophrenia"! NO WORDS even now...

so, about the residence of the operator. On the one hand in the village less bustle, the rushing of cars and people, huge stores, irritating eyes, ears and nose of advertising. Also, close contact with nature and animals is available 24 hours a day, which is not true of urban families with children with autism. On the other hand, can be read (although not in all settlements there is the Internet), the recommendations of experts, to do something for yourself, somewhere to go to learn (if the husband will support, as someone to keep the baby), but all you need is the money. And if they can somehow earn, in the village... don't even know what the word is here to write... well, the parents who came to PMPC, there was no money even to come to the district center.

Autistic people are far more than there are statistics! And let in the villages are not so many residents in the city about autism from rural areas do not need to forget, and to look closely at

1. withdrawn, and aggressive, removed;
2. talented, lonely, uncommunicative;
3. whiny, Moody, strange;
4. sickly, passive, anxious (fearful)
5. conflict, aloof, self-absorbed children.

but WHO will look at children and see in them a deep humanity, a subtle attitude, high sensitivity, intellectual ability, special talents? Parents are not informed, teachers are busy teaching subjects, psychologists, speech pathologists and speech therapists do not exist.

Who keeps statistics on what happens to graduates of schools after getting into a public swimming city life? Hard all autistic, but... Before a special student from a rural school open not only the door to a new life, but the sudden immersion in the ALIEN atmosphere of railway stations, metro stations, shopping malls, squares... And for the autistic is "a new life without skin" and to not feel the pain, the child drops out of education and relationships, and sometimes of life itself.

What percentage of students failed to COMPLETE vocational training, did NOT CREATE the family due to depression and ARE unable to work in the specialty in which you feel like a fish in water? How many of them are lost in this aggressive world? Questions are open for discussion, and conclusions of the study.

Invite to group "Spiritual art therapy. Autism, as a lesson of Love"

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