About the emotional violence


Much is known about physical and sexual violence. It is very noticeable, it can "feel".

the Culture of emotional abuse as if a little subtle. If beating is impossible to question, that emotional abuse is sometimes difficult to prove.

This is a continuation of the topic about the psychological boundaries and their violation.

Emotional abuse is the systematic violation of psychological boundaries. I'll give you some examples, and they certainly seem strange. But again, systematic actions, or talk of such a plan are emotional violence:

  • When your partner (partner) in control of your communication, in particular, trying to ban to communicate, for example with the opposite sex or with specific people he (she) doesn't like himself.
  • When a partner allows himself to tell any personal details about you or your life to other people (in your presence or absence). Expresses value judgments of your experiences or behaviour ("it was your idea(a)", "there's nothing scary here", "if you're mad at me - it's your problem", "stop crying!", etc.)
  • Adopts decisions concerning both, independently, without discussing with you. When it decides that for you, good or bad, clever or stupid, you don't attribute your motives, feelings, thoughts, devalues desires and needs, interrupts the conversation.
  • partner tries to fix once and forever your relationship, justifying it with "male" or "female" job. The distribution of functions in the relationship well be carried out on the basis of the Treaty, wishes and capabilities of each, and this agreement can be revised as needed.
  • partner of your body says and appearance ( weight, shape),insisted on some changes ("you're my doughnut", "fat man", "you need to lose weight", etc.)
  • partner of does not react to your refusal, your feelings, ignores "no" or ostentatiously offended by the refusal.
  • partner of punishes you with silence, are ignored. Anyone sometimes need a little break, but then he tells the partner about it, and roughly delineates the duration of this interval.
  • When a partner starts to shame you for your desires or reluctance ("I want this bag - it's cheap looks, what a strange taste" instead of "sorry, we can not afford now to let").
  • When a partner considers themselves the right to criticize and you call it "constructive criticism out of love" to you. Often it is seasoned with the phrase "I say this out of a desire to help good relations to you", etc.
  • partner of gives you, and you have not asked. Unsolicited advice – emotional abuse.
  • When a partner demands obedience.
  • partner of shares something with you without your consent (for example, details of the relationship with the former, gossip, recounts the Newswires ).

to Summarize all this in an attempt to partner you. Control another adult is emotional abuse.

to Do with the emotional violence it is important preseka it. If the partner after one or a couple of your indication that with you so you can not turn continues, then he probably can not make another adult around, and it will affect relations in General.

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