In this article we will focus on sexualityandu ( erotic) transference and countertransference. Many therapists in their practice faced with these phenomena. The difficulty of the situation lies in the fact that the therapist is forced to containerevent sexual feelings client, process them and use in real work to advance therapy. However, as practice shows, it is very difficult to cope with the intensity and affectivity of erotic countertransference and avoid breaches of sexual boundaries. This was said by many analysts. C Freud recognized in the erotic transference is a very great difficulty for the therapist. He wrote in a letter to Carl G. Jung: "I came very close to it several times and barely escaped him."

does it matter the sex of the analyst on the nature of the transfer? A number of analysts ( Greenson, R., O. Kernberg) say and it depends on the nature of transference-love ( heterosexual or homosexual). Psychoanalytic practice shows that sexualityandu transfer is still more common in women to men analysts ( J. Welles, and E. Lester). For example, noted O. Kernberger that narcissistic patients are making a lot of efforts to seduce the therapist and I think this is his triumph and achievement. Male clients more often displace their feelings to the analyst-the woman on the other objects, while starting to feel for the analyst intense anxiety that appears after fantasies of sexual inadequacy because the analyst projected the image of the Oedipal mother, or their sexuality fettered by fear of to-Oedipal all-powerful, all-absorbing mother ( O. Kernberg). Between a client and a therapist of the same sex often manifested an erotic transference of a homosexual nature, which is initiated by the hidden homosexual desires of the client or the existing perversions.

of Course the analyst feels portable reactions to their own countertransference. Since the real feelings of the client uses the projected parent objects ( prohibited), and the relationship in this case are incestuous in nature. Analytics it is important to monitor your own reactions, supervisionthe to undergo personal therapy in order to be able to keep boundaries and stay in reality.

Erotic fantasies as well as dreams of the client - this is a road to the unconscious world, in the world of his desires, conflicts, and defenses. And sexual transfer is not only the difficulty, but also a tool by which therapy can move forward.

What can be the contribution of client and therapist in concerence relations that arise in therapy? G. O. Ms. Gabbard says, for example, that this contribution can be considered in different ways, based on theoretical preferences. For example, the classical analysts are looking at concerence cast as a manifestation of past conflicts and object relations therapist on the situation in the present. The followers of M. Klein talking about contrariness feelings as the reflection of what the patient puts the analyst through projective identification. In any case, "the patient awakens in the dimension of latent or displaced structures that can resonate or not to resonate with what is projected".

now, the client wants to encourage the analyst to cast their projection on it of the erotic( sexual) desires and can contribute to internal hooks, "hooks" in the psyche of the analyst. What it can be for the leads ? The famous psychoanalyst, Ms. Gabbard worked (therapeutical and supervisional)caught in a trap therapists. And his work has provided a number of examples of several such "clues".

for Example, sexualised cast may occur if the analyst has lost the sensation of the unreal ( "as if") character when transferring the client. Ie, the therapist began to consider their feelings beyond therapy love. These feelings can satisfy his desire to be "sole and exclusive patient". This can happen when in real life, the physician experiences stress, distress, anxiety, failures in his personal life. And the therapist sees their feelings as real and unrelated to past relationship ( not with these). This is eroticized countertransference on passionate feelings gratisyoung transfer.

the Next "clue" ( source) can be concealed contempt for the patient. Idea: the patient is not capable of anything himself, and it can save only my love. This sadomasochistic initiation of the transfer masochistic clients. R. Stoller said often supposedly helpless patient may cause the analyst –male sexual feelings, because he can perceive this woman as disgraced, and himself "on horseback" .

Another "clue" may become aggressive demand sadistic sexual satisfaction of the patient in the transference. In response, can be produced by sexual arousal of the therapist. And if the analyst is hostility and aggression along with contempt, analysts, as in a mirror, can see yourself in a patient, the idealized image of himself and fantasize about the merger. In this case, countertransference anxiety about the loss of your identity can strengthen the resistance of the therapist to the merger, i.e. to become a barrier to love.

If the analyst's narcissistic character with severe aggression, it is possible sexualityandu countertransference with the goal of excellence and conquering the next peak. This is possible when the therapist violated the Super-Ego (weakened) and aggressive sexual behavior in real life.

At the end of therapy might be another "clue" according to Gabbard. The loss of the relationship with the patient assists in developing the Analytics of sorrow and activates the powerful protection ( sexualization may defend against bad feelings). Montparnasee avoidance of grief leads to sexualization ( excitation) relations, which, in turn, can be protected from love ( better sex than love).

so eroticized ( sexualityandu) transference and countertransference is a tough test for the therapist. Of course there is an important need to take the supervision, i.e. the appearance of the third ( in my life in romantic relationships "the third always superfluous"). Ms. Gabbard believes that "erotic transference loses its mystique and appeal when coming out into the light of day and subjected to rational discussion", there is an understanding of the dynamics of the processes.

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