About the experiments on the development of gas sleepless


the Desire to change, to improve a person, to make adjustments in his mind, to learn to control biological processes often leads to irreversible consequences. Typically, these experiments are inhumane. We know a lot about the experiments that were carried out in concentration camps by the Nazis. However, in our country, too, was inhumane experiments. The results of such experiments in the USSR stated in this article.

In the 40-ies of the last century, the Soviet Union conducted experiments on the development of gas under the influence of which people could not sleep for 15 days. In the experiment, was attended by 5 people from among the political prisoners, who were promised release from prison if they would be able to sleep for months.  

the effect of the gas, and insomnia caused by his action, has had a striking negative result. Because at that time camera was not there, the experimenters could only hear the conversations using microphones and see what is happening through the Windows in the chamber. If the first 5 days between the inmates was adequate conversations, then the conversations become more gloomy in nature. Then the subjects stopped talking among themselves. Thus began the denunciations at each other, accusations of anti-Soviet conversations.

On the 10th day I began shouting one of the inmates. However, standing nearby did not react to these cries, continuing to whisper into the microphones. On day 14, the cries and the whispers stopped, which stimulated experimenters to the termination of the experiment, and the entrance to the chamber.

the results of the experiment: self-harm, physical aggression, Anthropophagy(cannibalism), habituation to stimulating the gas, smearing feces, refusal of freedom, the requirement to do the operation without anesthesia, the EEG readings were normal, with periods of emptiness, when falling asleep he went into cardiac arrest.

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