When the comrades there is no agreement,
On the way they will not go,
And come out of it is not the case, only flour.
One day, a Swan, a Cancer Yes Pike

baggage to Carry with who has taken
three of them together in a harnessed;
bend over backwards, and the cart still no go!
Baggage to them and seemed easy:
Yes Swan breaks in the clouds,
Cancer is moving backwards, and the Pike pulls in water.
Who is guilty from them who is right – not judge us;
Yes, but things are there.

I. A. Krylov

About the Fable, And Not Only...

we Know, hear, remember the famous Russian writer fabulist Krylov. For those who have "no clue", a little about his History, his works, and, of course, his Heroes.

In its 75 – renowned fabulist, who wrote more than 200 fables, the author of the Opera libretto, comedies and novels, academician of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences, the publisher of several satirical magazines.

Today is the time, we think (and maybe not think at all), so concise that I decided to take only brief information about the writer, the volume of which is laid in multiple rows. Anyone interested and ready to explore the creativity of the writer, it is possible to wish success in this field, because you, the Reader, will discover there are words of wisdom, depth, and might relate the meaning of some of the works from his inner state. Probably someone will find the harmony of those problems the solution of which lies on the surface. However, it is often difficult to see what is on the mind.

Let's assume that on I. Krylov know, learned about his work, about heroes written works... (Yes, the hell they gave us... the reader will say, what the fuck). Here and I about the same. How can the "dirty paper" all sorts of "irregularities"... so, we begin...

there Lived three animals: a Swan, Cancer and Pike. The latter was easier because they lived in the same environment, moreover, presumably, within the reservoir, means them and "noticed" our illustrious predecessor (to the trained eye, however, he has). Lebed, of course, it was harder for their "brothers", and maybe not brothers at all, and so "passers" by, that is, floating and crawling in this specific body of water... But the fate of the villain, somehow brought them together.

Swan had to fly, absolutely free, to warmer climes, and so regularly, that any "will be jealous"... True, flying these, cheap is not treated. ECA, several thousand kilometers in both directions, but all on their own wings and would have flown it in "warmer climes", but that look turned up "job" is to earn that is a possibility. Someone who was called "partners", it remains a mystery, but they were gathered together, still together, to perform scheduled...

ECA come from, then they are a thing, apparently realizing that the cart is something you need (all three "comrades"). A cart, for example, is not easy, full of, Yes, red cloth covered (from prying eyes, began to be). Well, so we decided our characters (of course – work that won some...), to drag this cart to God knows where and why...

just thinking About what a famous writer, "Praga" a motley "audience" to sow the wagon? But no, it was the meaning, the idea, therefore, of the Author. We know that he denounced Stroy then, looking at the problems of his time, as they say, through the prism of allegories and metaphors... I Suppose that the prism has invented by the time that we are with you in our days not to be unfounded.

there is a whole lot of questions. After all, says nothing about the ultimate goal, the place where who and what was loaded into the wagon? The absence of invoices and other documents... We basically, today, not know about it, time how long it's been (paper cover probably lost, but maybe someone intentionally stole it).

I Wanted to talk to the reader of another, "abstract", so to speak, themes. How to know if the wing uses metaphors, then what or who is comparable to his characters: maybe the Swan is the soul, the Cancer may Ego, always delivering their own verdicts and hesitant for any reason? Well Fish, i.e. Pike, was and still is associated with the symbol of water, the water element. Water is the first principle, the initial state of all things, the source of life. Therefore fish living freely in the water, in the primordial ocean, endowed with demiurgic power, the superpower, that is.

I'm Willing to bet that the Author, if he was fond of astrology and psychology, it is not so deep and meaningful that the level of analysis of Archetypes to explore their work. Written, and well... the descendants let understand.

I Wanted to get back to our Heroes, to see them from a different angle. The term "Hero", by the way, is found and analytical psychology that refers to a structure of personality... Perhaps our Swan, which is a symbol of rebirth, purity, chastity, proud loneliness, generosity, wisdom, prophetic abilities, poetry and perfection, is in this context Soul? There are ideas about the ability of the soul to wander in the sky in the form of a Swan. Combining two elements: air and water, the Swan is the bird life, and at the same time may represent death... Here and existential questions, always confronting us: who am I, where from and where to?... and imprints, complexes and the patterns formed with the "help" of parents and many other unnecessary "Luggage" holding towards yourself... it's called self-actualization, isn't it – to find ourselves and lose? Once heard a phrase in one of the films where the main character says that once he saw the Light, people will strive for it the rest of my life. Alleluia, the road by walking.

Let's try to understand with Cancer. This missing Puzzle in our picture of the world is a symbol of changeability and depth of emotion and imagination, reliability and constancy, the Union of the male and female. Of the constancy can be judged only one attracted to a place where only he knows. And others how to be in this situation? Here there are other issues, as in the case with our first hero: which pulls? What he wants? Didn't he see that his "partner" Swan in this case may simply swallowed water and more to do with him?.. Trying myself to look at life from a position that defined me as Possible... and you, the reader, are advised not to be dramatic... because Swan – Swan is not "comrade". One is "the ugly duckling", the other "rests" in the South... Although in the end, Life is "razed" and the first and second... so should we worry?

Now let us turn to the historical context. Sacred animals held a special place in the lives of our ancestors. Surely you had to hear about the honors rendered by the Egyptians, cats, beetles scarabs and ibises: the life they were untouchable, after death they paid Royal honors. All this because people sincerely believed in the inextricable link between animals, birds and divine symbols and to protect the character deserved the favor of the gods.

Residents of certain North American tribes believed that comes from animals, their characteristics and tried, found similarities in appearance, calling them brothers. They identified themselves with wolves and bears, wore skins and masks of their totem animals.

Remember, in Russian fairy tales the hare was always considered cowardly? But the Gauls, he was revered as a symbol of good luck, in the Christian tradition, personified fertility, those Indians saw the great hare trickster and carried with him his paw as a talisman.
Belief in characters has secured many animals notions of good and evil. The famous biblical serpent from the garden of Eden is applicable as an example of what troubles can lead to human temptations and weaknesses. However, there is another way – a snake wrapped around the bowl. It has become a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and power of nature and is used as an emblem in medicine.

each country, and to this day there are animals symbols. For example, UK as its symbol is the lion. A proud and strong king of beasts symbolizes the power of the state.
the Characters selected animals. To understand what a totem suits the person in China, for centuries, were going features different people, starting with the place and date of birth to personal qualities. All these data led to today's tradition called the symbol of the year one of twelve animals of the annual cycle.

Let's get back to our Heroes. The concept of symbolism in art has multiple levels of meaning. In this case it may be called literal, however, is that the meaning extends beyond the literal meaning of fictional words – these are the fables of our Poet.

How much Holiness and meaning in our Heroes to the Reader to judge, I also wanted to look at a cart full of "good" and draft power, the "face" of a Swan, Crayfish and Pike from the point of view of psychology and not only...

and Kosintsev V.

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