About the fear of making mistakes and the power of imperfection


Question from readers:

"I would Like to know about overcoming fear. Namely, the fear of making mistakes. Thereby largely blocked further action, undertaking. Such an excellent student. Everything should be perfect."

Very good that you are trying to do their job as best as possible. Imagine, for example, a surgeon who has not tried to carry out the operation at the proper level, and would do it anyhow... Even scary to think that it was.

Another issue is that fear of error does not allow you to try something new and to improve their skills further. And it was the mistakes one gets the most valuable thing in every person's life – experience! Without mistakes life, you surely understand this. That's only if you fear mistakes, so nothing to do. But you are not one of those, right?

the Most important thing in this issue is to change your attitude to what you have already created and released into the world. Let after some time, you find that you do not perfect your work done. This is normal. If a person is constantly evolving, the past record will certainly be a little ridiculous, absurd, quite imperfect. And growing skills and turn students into professionals. So do not worry about what is already done. Even if you find a mistake, take it. And do next time differently, given all the past experience.

Remember that butterflies would not exist if it were not far from the ideal of beauty of the caterpillar and the motionless dark cocoon. It is a necessary process development and improvement laid down by nature.

Allow yourself to be imperfect and to give the world what you can now. If you always strive for perfection, which is never possible to achieve, people to lose those things that you can do for them. Albeit imperfectly, but with soul, with joy and your warm participation.

I, too, had once suffered such a "excellent pupil syndrome". But as you can see on the right. Otherwise you would never have got the answer to your question and wouldn't read this article because I would be constantly trying to improve it, because it always seemed to me unworthy to be published.

Create what I think is necessary and valuable. And just release to the world. What I saw in your work, it's definitely worthy to see the light. And let it be imperfect. Don't waste your energy on worrying about imperfection made. Better send it to its new work.br>
Maria A. Veral, psychologist, art therapist.
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Maria Veral
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