Many people after the divorce, I'm afraid the second time to go there. This is especially true of men.

why get married? And we should do it?

a Man living with a woman, do not understand why to get married, after all and so well.

Like, it makes no sense. Cohabitation and joint household - so's marriage, why is the woman not happy?

Give your woman a piece of fortune - to put the notorious stamp in the passport - isn't that motivation?

actually, it's all about fear: Another divorce, another loss of property, division of children, etc. All these negative memories are to commit such an act again.

each men their fears.

What to do?

Unfortunately, a woman can not influence these fears men.

after Talking with the man, trying to understand it and to advise what to do, also not the fact that they'll hear you and be able to cope with these fears. A trip to the psychologist will be more effective.

In fact, any relationship, be it marriage, Dating or cohabitation is always a unpredictability of safeguards in the relationship and there never will be. To predict in advance is impossible. We can only trust and go to them. And for that we need to be open-minded, letting go of past grievances and negative experiences.

From the betrayal, lies, division of property and children - nobody is immune.

People think that it is possible somehow to think of ways to change you partner in the future or not, expect compatibility, believe in astrology, are the Natal chart and study the Chinese horoscope, are Selected by strict criteria down to the color of the eyes (Yes, I have a client that does not consider women with brown eyes), etc., etc. All this people want only one - to protect yourself from the sad separation in the future, but this is an illusion. Compatible people don't exist. It's all in the willingness to enter into a relationship, overcoming fear of the future.

In any relationship there are no guarantees, but for some reason people don't believe it or don't want to believe.

If you are afraid of disappointments, afraid to enter into a relationship, then don't. Sitting at home, with cats and computer games. Because the relationship is risk.

If you are already in a relationship and afraid of something try to take the risk and to cope with their fears.

Alexander Smirnov
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