you Know what a "shortcut"? Very simple . Trademark on the product in the form of stickers, labels or on the attached card, which lists data about the product (weight, quantity, price, manufacturer, date of manufacture and other) (C) a Small flat label which gives an explanation of the object property.

the Diagnosis of, for example , can also be a shortcut. "Uh... Yes, it's Barista Mulk. The phenomenon known. It is generally not normal". Label is very useful thing. Instantly explains everything . "That's right, this is wrong", "this is real . It's not real". Doctors, of course, Hippocrates himself ordered to diagnose because they deal with organisms . The body has not been earned - it is necessary to name the area of damage.

People various other professions too, by the way, take them as an example. If someone said the fool, you have Barista Mulk , you need to be treated - that's all. How would a breakdown in the body's determined and in General all become unreal, invalid, not genuine . The type of well-known brands from Chinese artisans. When you already know that it nifiga not Louis Vuitton, but the money paid is insane. That is, invested with soul - pain,tenderness, despair, concern, hopes, jealousy ... the price paid countless, and nifiga not Vuitton. Just mulka. And feel like an idiot that does not know how to feel really. "Damn.. wrong felt. Only fools feel abnormal". A piece of soul falls off like handles from China bags. Label hanged. Object properties explained. Everything is so flat and unbearable. Go and do not know where this shortcut to make to feel better.

Instead of having to tear it up and throw to hell Because all that was - was real. Sincerely - because you don't know how different, is not known. And felt something that felt real. And who cares what it's called, if you're invested in this part of the soul. Let scared, even wounded, even bewildered - but the real. It was with you. It's a part of you that has the right to be. Experience that helped me to live. How could, and helped. Something allowed to handle till you knew her way. It's your story. No shortcuts. It can be sad. Quietly. With dignity. And accept it as part of the path. No shortcuts. As something valuable that has served its turn. And leave the diagnoses to the doctors. br>

the Psychologist Arina Anikushin

Irina Anikushin
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