it had not occurred to me to write something. And it just so happens that one after another went requests from clients, or otherwise associated with the experience of this state.

to Start writing about it difficult. Longing and dot.... All that comes to me when I'm immersed in the subject. Well, gamma and unpleasant sensations in the body. br>
Try to imagine, remember, as they called it. Oppressive melancholy. Aches in the soul. Lingering longing. Melancholy green. Vigorous longing. Grief. Twisted soul.

What is happening to you? Shrinks something somewhere in the chest or epigastric pain (in the area where the chest is bordered by the stomach). Lump in my throat. Chest really aches! In other word. Aching inside. And no strength for anything.

Question: what do you want? Howl! From boredom I want to howl. To cry, to scream, to cry, to moan. br>
the meaning of the word "Longing" Ozhegova: "something very boring, uninteresting."

the meaning of the word "Longing" Ephraim:
1. Emotion in connection with sadness, despondency. // Expression for this state.
2. Accel. Boredom, depression caused by monotony of the situation, lack of interests, etc.

grief is a depressing experience.

And you yourself, if you have experienced this condition probably would agree with this. For many people, the anguish is experienced as the emotional residue of big life bummer.

Where does the sadness?

As it is banal sounds, but from unmet needs. br>
Experiencing the anguish you face the actual truth that you are living not exactly what you want, that everything that happens in your life is something that shouldn't happen.

You can understand the lack of a clear Outlook in life. The future is dark, and no current or negative. br>
Trying to cope with the anguish you might not find a place, find yourself in an existential pit, and don't know what to do. It is from this state have created many works of art, songs, and written poems.

Alas, not only beautiful works of art are the consequences of this unpleasant condition. The fascination with alcohol, gambling, destructive relationships with you people, drugs are also consequences of the same condition. Plus depression, up to suicide. And all this from the meaninglessness of what is happening, and this causes anguish.

Is it in your life to receive a clear prospect for the future - love, a new relationship, the work, the anguish goes away. You begin to see new opportunities and you have the hope that now everything will be as it should be. Happens sometimes, but more often not.

Especially if you know of a tendency to melancholy, called "nature." "By nature" in quotes I am writing because I seriously doubt in a truly natural your quality of sadness. Most likely you just have not learned to live the way you need the way you want, simply put. It may well be that now you may argue: "What am I not selfish to live as he want?!"
my Dear, it's not the same.
this is what I've written here

Anguish can cause a past full of failed hopes, an overabundance of difficult life situations, or long-lasting in the present difficult situation, from which it is difficult to get out. It was all - there was nothing. If you lost everything you had and were left with nothing. Were rich were poor. Was family, the only one left. Was a good job I lost my job. And the like. When there is no adequate compensation for the losses. br>
Give your examples of the causes of boredom.

this is uncomfortable. However, not all people react with sadness to such events. There are those who can live the same way, but not to feel melancholy at the same time. Those who know how to manage their mood, who has the ability to regulate even in the most extreme conditions. Those who are able to clearly see you and make yourself well. To each his own: switches to the outside world, work, communication, engaged in physical exercise, going to Church, doing.

If you are not as easily able to regulate itself, and therefore not as well know themselves and their strengths and weaknesses, to cope with the anguish you will be hard.

To help yourself you can call a psychologist. As an option. The process of psychotherapy you will be better able to know themselves, to learn to recognize those moments of life that trigger the pain of your experience, with a new look on life. This new view will allow you to find the missing sense, which was unnoticeable to you. Then you can direct your focus and your actions, your life in the direction of your meaning. Then the longing lose power and then will come to naught.

Your therapist.

Dear readers, thank you for Your attention to my articles and notes!

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