Sometimes I think that, in the end, in this life nothing matters. Nor what is happening in our life or what's not happening. In the end, there's nothing we can take from this life. Realizing this, we decide, each in his own existential question of the existence of someone giving birth and raising people someone writes books, paintings, songs or movies in General, everyone somehow decides for himself than to soften your fear of death, than to overfeed, not to whine.

And together with the fear of death we still in the same degree possess the fear to live. We are afraid to live, afraid to show their personality for what it is, not holding back and waiting for the assessment of others. I'm afraid to live MY life and do only what really want. And sometimes we wait. Just sit and wait that something will happen soon. Doing nothing. Justifying the fact that it's not time yet, it is too little time, now we are too tired. Time goes by and life flies by. You abruptly notice that you're 30, the next day you're 40 and the next is 50. And you still carry the date of the formation itself. The date when you do what had long dreamed of. The date when you will deal with your life and determine exactly what you want. And then life just ends.

She did not! Of course, I'm exaggerating all this. Very rarely someone does not "Wake up" when he remembers how old he is. Sooner or later each of us thinks about how little is allotted to him, and how little he did in this life, and how much more I would like to do. Only often it is too late. People are so accustomed to live in laziness and in a state of nucleostemin, what to change anything too dangerous. But if you still to decide, what in such moments is very important to be near someone who will understand and support. For example, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend or supportive therapy.

So what I'm saying? Do not put off life for tomorrow – still the ultimate goal at all one, and we'll all be there. However, just be yourself. Let no one will understand and will not accept. Although this does not happen. Being a, you somehow find "his" people, those who truly see your real soul. And it will be most pleasant! It will be more important and more valuable than if you take you fake, tailored to the society! Because if you fall in love – forever!

Live this life totally! Living her whole soul, with all my heart! Give yourself the best in the world, and the world is sure to give you the best that there is!

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