the Endless debate about who is starting, needs and leads, and who is the slave in the relationship, who finishes them, will be as long as the world exists. But exactly the same there is a knowledge that exists by itself, which lives from the time of creation. This knowledge never changes, plays with our mind, interpreting as he pleases.

the Knowledge that the woman is life, the giver of life who gives life and taking it. It is the primordial nature, which lives by its laws, birth and death, falls asleep and wakes up, rages, and freezes according to its own rhythm and cycles and this is its highest purpose. Nature, her life was, is and will be, and what it is now, at this point in time, depends on her cycle, which is controlled over the integrated plan, as the eternal clockwork and it has nothing to do with men.

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So a woman can live without men, it is his purpose, to be themselves and live their cycles, to generate that which you are able to give birth without men's presence, to grow and to continue itself. Passivity for women, it's natural. The realization for the nature of the natural mechanism, in which there is peace, trust, where she revived herself and this is her initiation and initiative.It can be rough and wild, senseless, but in the presence of men it is modified depending on what the man's movements through it, with what purpose he interacts with her, he wants to get a result.

Man one who goes through life, learning to live life attains or loses it. According to its design - the movement and knowledge, he tries to control nature, to master, to cultivate, to destroy, to change, to explore, to appropriate, to Refine, to cultivate, all it means is - fertilizes, giving nature a different plan, and meaningful. Losing your highest purpose, he loses a life, the activity of men - its naturalness. Without life, the man disappears as man with sexual characteristics, people, the individual without gender. And if easier is not coming into contact with nature, life, woman, man loses high concept.

the Senselessness may be infinitely many, and it is her higher mind, it is neither good nor bad, it's natural as an endless continuation of nature in cycles, centuries, millennia and eras. How all of nature exists on the planet Earth, changing only according to climatic disasters manageable again. Even after the complete destruction of one kind of nature, there is another, after the flood, the fires, the ice age, it is time and nature is reviving itself.

the Meaning of this work is a continuous interaction with meaninglessness, oplodotvorenie its meaning, and through fertilisation to manifest itself as Creator or destroyer, as the likeness of the Gods on earth, this is his initiation and initiative.

Why is the earthly likeness of the Gods are destroyers or creators, the answer in mythology, in nature, competition for the life and blessings of life, survival of the fittest. There is a strong gods, weak, cowardly, and defeated the rebels, and this is not dependent on nature, it depends on the meaningfulness of men. If he is senseless, he is nature, and nature is feminine.

Therefore, the active initiating attitude woman, loses its nature, and its passive man. What happens in such unions, shows life itself in its fruits, which now says a lot about how he became a weak man like Paul. If we want something changed, then everyone needs to become a realizing your higher purpose, then man will have something to grasp and the woman to be grasped and known.

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