my Dear, in his work I use a unique method of counselling, working with unconscious beliefs and repressed emotions of a person through images.

the Subconscious is a storage place absolutely all the information about us and about the world in the form of various images. Language of images is the most understandable to the subconscious.

the Image is a kind of "objectification" of human emotions. It always leads to the root of the problem – negative attitudes.

In any traumatic situation there are "negative" emotions (guilt, resentment, anger, etc.) that entail the emergence of certain beliefs about themselves, about the world.
Over time, these units move on a subconscious level and begin to control the person's life.
After all, we're the masters only what lies in our consciousness, and wonder sometimes, where are the "problems", "failures" of the disease - and it's all a reflection of our subconscious attitudes.
On the advice we always go on the suppressed emotions and unconscious client installation.
through images we get a "unique code" of the emotions that belong to this man. Affecting these images, it is possible to fully work through suppressed negative emotions (fear, guilt, resentment, etc.) and negative beliefs - the root cause of all problems and internal conflicts.
Person from that moment becomes aware of his beliefs and is able to manage them, now he becomes the master of your own destiny!

If you did not get to achieve the fulfillment of desires and realization of plans in life, it only means one thing – you live in some kind of belief that gives you the opportunity to move towards your goal!

Any advice starts with goal setting.
To know - "where are we here?", it must be clearly and know exactly - "but where are we going?"
the Goal of the consultation should relate only to you, i.e. changing other people is not a psychologist, and not in your. In your power only to deal with yourself and change your inner world!
Also, the purpose of the consultation should not affect the level of action. Only you know what you need to do in a given situation and be 100% ready to take responsibility for that choice.

Then there is the joint work of the psychologist and client to release repressed emotions, search and replace negative, limiting beliefs for positive and expanding.
of Course, consultation is not only working with emotions and beliefs. In my consultations I lay a deeper meaning – to show man what he is, what is actually, help to return to their true essence, to show how he can act further, on the basis of acquired knowledge.

I will help to solve at the consultation?
1. Health problems (psychosomatic).
2. Problems with self-esteem, self-confidence, self-acceptance.
3. Relationship problems (partners, children, parents, colleagues, friends).
4. Problems with the money.
5. Negative status (apathy, depression, irritability, etc.).

whether you See the changes immediately after consultation?
a must! It must be borne in mind that if your beliefs and installations were acquired in early childhood, they have become your habits and habits. And to begin to live a new life, those habits you have to constantly break.
Every day you will change your rules and templates. You will learn to treat myself as precious and very important (to yourself first) person
of Course, a lot depends on individuality of the client, its internal tempo, the "square" perspective, but often enough and 3 consultations to resolve certain behavioral problems.

If you are determined to start a new life and to get answers to all your questions, I am happy to see you for a consultation!

Elena Poturaeva
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