Background: In 2017, the Supreme court upheld the verdict of the Moscow district military court Barbara Karaulova (in prison changed his name to Alexander Ivanov), convicted under article 205.5 of paragraph 2 of the criminal code: "Participation in a terrorist organization". The punishment is deprivation of liberty for a term of 4.5 years. I am not going to consider any specifics of the trial and incidents of our judicial system, as the girl was, according to the court, convicted of attempt to join the terrorist organization "Islamic state". Given that a capable and independent lady knew, wanted and made everything to get to Syria and join your beloved person who was in the aforementioned organization (this is only the criminal code forgot to read). No matter pilaf if she was going to cook his "husband," or, eventually, to become a fighter. The recruiter has fulfilled its mission flawlessly.

In the 21st century, as if monstrous as it may sound, still there are cases of trafficking. But in order for that to happen, humans need to persuade,to convince to join the cult to get fictitiously married to a citizen of another country, to go abroad, to join the gang. etc In fact committed by the victim of the action, the recruiter will receive a reward. And he has absolutely no interest in the future life of the victim, it's just business.

Let's consider the approximate scheme of work of a recruiter.

the First stage is familiarization, which allowed various ways to understand that recruiters understand the significance and uniqueness of the individual victim. Searching unrealised in the victim's life values. Recruiters subtly hinted that the society did not appreciate the sacrifice of dignity. Gave that man his merits it should be. Intended hurt. Recruiters give simple answers to complex questions. Beckon the opportunity to become a part of something "nice and light". Talking about ideals, which are imperishable for centuries. Guarantee happiness, love, support. That is talking about what will be pulled imagination person. No matter what baloney invented. And gently suggest to make a series of quite trivial tasks. Because the victim is not a pity to do anything for a good man?

In the second phase, the recruiters need to neutralize the ability to critically perceive the information and to establish the victim's state of high suggestibility. Tasks become more complicated.

On the third stage it is necessary to devalue in the eyes of the victim's family, friends, religion, etc. and weaken the Association of the victim with the society. Encourage the victim to resist the attempts of society to bring man back.

In the fourth stage, to convince the victim that return is impossible. The bridges are burned, and the victim is "tied" in any way. The victim must become an obedient weapon in the hands of the recruiter and follow his orders. Below man suddenly jumped off the hook, preferably to fall in love with the victim and to bring to the marriage.

currently, recruiters are often looking for their victims in social networks, as the information posted by the user on their pages, sufficient for a preliminary analysis.

What can I do?

1. Limit on his page in social networks access to photos and other materials.

2. To write revelation under a pseudonym or by a third party. Limit your interaction on the forums.

3. To be attentive to hauntingly familiar.

4. Do not consider yourself D. bond, on the other side experienced and cold-blooded Pro.. Nothing to sign and not to perform. If intuition and common sense scream that the person recruited to write about this in social networks in LARGE letters with descriptions of the situation. Smart recruiter this will be enough to put the victim alone. (But guarantees that the victim will be left behind, no).

5. To be introspective, time vypalyvaya "weeds" of resentment,of anger, of loneliness, of the "loser complex".

6. To understand their actions. To raise legal literacy. For example, in comments to the article 205.5 of the criminal code States that "a Person who has committed an offense under this article, and voluntarily ceased participation in the activities of the organization, which in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation as terrorist, exempted from criminal responsibility, if his actions do not contain structure of other crime"..

7. To be able to remove "pink glasses". (For example, not accept Islam just because of the fact that insists of a virtual lover).

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