Everyone sets themselves goals and achieve them. And one of the ways to achieve your goal is to make a system arrangement.
Today I will tell you how to do it.

first, the goal needs to meet certain requirements, to be specific, measurable, achievable, etc.
Juggling can help to formulate the target using NLP technology, namely the technology of a well-formed result. Asking the right questions the juggling reaches that goal was specific, positive, practical, achievable, valuable, necessary, etc.
the Error many beginners rasstanemsya lies in the fact that they are starting to put the figures in the field don't end up clarifying the request. You should always maintain clear client request and the same understanding of the purpose of the client and juggling. This depends largely on the success of the session.
In my experience I can say, ignoring this stage of constellation work can be very hard to get bogged down in placement and not to achieve any result. After all, if the purpose is not clear, the field shows anything. And the therapist and the client and the group may be very tired and do not achieve the result.

When the objective is formulated, there are several options the production figures.

first Option. again, This technique of NLP "NA - ZHS". Is Deputy client in the current state and the Deputy of the Goal ahead, for example it's new, desired state of the client. In this case, figures can stand statically, and all the feeling I have alternates are displayed in a separate figure that can move. And with these figures the field gives an indication of where you should pay attention. This combination is the NLP and constellation yielding results. In this case, the alignment becomes more structured.

the second Variant. Another way to research a situation where are also two figures, but anywhere in the field. It is desirable to put the figures blindly. This can be done and the juggling, subject to the trust of the client. In this case, the shapes themselves can move and feel. And, if necessary, to clarify the situation, you can enter additional figures. The second method is a purely constellation. And also works fine. Typically, in this formulation, the shapes immediately obvious to someone watching the goal and the client, whether the client is looking for a purpose, his purpose, the purpose to the customer or Vice versa moving away. br>
In practice I use both methods and both work. br>
and you Achieve your goals using all the tools!

Fedor Erokhin
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