In the secret places of the soul many have their own secrets. And sometimes, even we do not guess about them, don't know about their existence. Or forgot that they had once existed, and some even don't know how these secrets are called. I'm talking about feelings. About the different experiences of our human soul.

Love cannot be, because it can be painful... Give, go, die, disappear!

to Be yourself, talk about yourself, to show yourself? No, it's really a shame... laughed at, not will, but until the ideal is still very far away!

Tenderness, tenderness... no, no, no! To be gentle, soft, caring, I then can be manipulated to put pressure on the tenderness, and becomes unbearable, it is hard. No! It's a sign of weakness! And if the person is weak, so vulnerable – scary! Yes, and the weak to be ashamed!

Excited? Oh no! I'm not worried! This is to acknowledge that I can be insecure!

the Powerlessness... what is it? I can do anything!

Passion, excitement... That would be dizzy? To lose self-control? No!

De Fault... no, it's not my feeling, guilty, when it did something wrong or said, At me such does not happen! Maybe I don't understand right!!! And if, suddenly, and wine! To ask forgiveness is to admit that I make mistakes! But, it is not so!

to be Angry, to be angry... Not good, not nice! Here I will tell someone NO! Oh, and then guilt! This is because you can offend the person! Better to remain silent and be...

How many feelings and emotions that are stored in the hidden corners of human souls Even... Sad, sad...

How many can pass by... the Pleasure of love, tenderness, passion, the pleasure of himself and his achievements as much human warmth hiding from the fact that it is not possible to ignore the other and to say sorry, and how much effort is spent on the omnipotence and energy on something that would not show another that I am! And to think all the time that would not offend!!!

how many beautiful, tremulous emotion hidden inside.

what a pity that sometimes you have to be yourself! Not to live a full chest, not to feel all colours of life!

and the most important And disturbing about this is that not noticing and not living the feelings, the body begins to overflow and bursting of these emotions, because they have no output. And then from the withholding of love and affection to become unbearably painful, burning in the chest, pounding heart, bursting head! And from guilt and shame at all hard to look people in the eye, not something to build a relationship with them! And again unbearable, already sickeningly, disgustingly!

And not seen the excitement it turns out only nonsense, or dry, unemotional speech, inanimate!

to Be alive, sensitive and can be scared, anxious... but if you are alive, you are depriving yourself of the most valuable and important! Himself, a different, live, interesting person! And that's really sad...

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