Oh where, tell me where it is written that the wife should be able to prepare the soup, and the husband is obliged to put socks, underwear and undershirts in one designated place?!

Family life in our time is more like a mixture of public approval and personal ambitions to meet nobody (someone who knows) invented the template of the "ideal family".

And the most surprising – that is not it, this template. Equally, as public perception will look for, even in the most "perfect" in someone's opinion of the family flaw.

two Reasons.

If the family gives the impression of a happy, but a way of life of the family is quite a "Exemplary", which means that has something to envy. And envy is the feeling with which not everyone is able to cope. Because I want to throw her directly into those touches each other lovers.

"Ugh! Look disgusting!"

If the family outwardly, the impression of dissonance, if the difficulties of the family beyond its limits – there are hundreds of pundits with their recommendations (from a wealth of life experience), by type:

"you fool! But I would... and anyway – why live with him! Divorce me!"


"Terrible you have it! And cook soup I do not know how! Why you married her? The last woman in the city?".

it is the simplest thing you can do is destroy anyone, and without weak living a happy family...

a True proud those families who are able to live in society, but few outside of it. For which family – this case only two adults. it's Nice that there are families in which no foreign influence. Even if these aliens – not aliens in fact people: parents, sisters, brothers, relatives, friends from the age of learning the use of pot for the purpose. But in these families there is no place the opinions of these people.

They live by themselves: their values, vision, tests, errors, their tears, tantrums and endless hot minute conciliatory hugs...

Often at the reception sounds like a simple question: "where did we go wrong?". You can remember a lot of household stories – the first quarrel, the first bad sex, first tantrum, first a broken mug.

But most the beginning where the family has a third. And quite a close person, who by his "experienced" eyes on the two indicated reasons, simply not in a position to "allow" the family to be happy.

PS is it Worth now to write about why often do families need help? This is just the third – which is completely unnecessary. Who is not interested in either of the two designated public scripts.

Psychologist – this is the communication that is able to teach, to guide, to instruct, to correct. This little internal dialogue of the client with himself, and appeal to their strength, thoughts and sensations, long-forgotten making the "right" soup and service "live anywhere" socks.

good Luck!

Belomyttseva Alena
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