About the special parent say a word

That will with the aching body, if  long numb? (Thank you for this question Natalia Maystrenko) 
so the trouble is, actions about which it originated is not and the feeling that "something wrong" increases.
Children with chronic health conditions, require care, it affects the lives of all family members!
In real life this means that one of the parents is forced to stop to cook, read, watch TV and focused on the child, again, hugs,  kissing,  helps.... If two children or more, parents have to decide who to sit with him, and who lead others in garden, school, or to arrange a visit to the doctor. We have to snatch time at work, sleeping, and other children receive less attention. 
These little things with chronic illness develop into a family lifestyle. Anxiety BECOMES the NORM, communication with the external world outside the family problematic, child care takes more time, including time for doctors visits and cheats  procedures. 
When a child is sick for a long time, anxiety, restlessness, tension is the BACKGROUND of life and is often not recognized.
Not recognized
 is not felt, 
and are not taken into account in relation to itself, to the child, the family and...  
how would anesthesia.
Anaesthesia, which prevents parents  to adapt and to adapt their child to life.
to realize, to live scary and painful. I know - lived. And can be there for these experiences, to support. Contacts in the header of the profile. 
In this life, is more important than ever:
- caring parents about their health physical and psychological well-being.
- the openness between the spouses in the discussion of the senses
emotional  support environment
  take care of myself:
- plan your day, week, month ( helped me a lot system the fly lady,  something still remained in my life)
-if the plans cannot be executed, to take his time to "stay with it" and to change plans
-keep a diary of emotions, thoughts and feelings (this cesspool for a variety of experiences. Write, and easier and clearer what is happening.)
-organize time "for himself" for the mind, soul and body
-to notice your desires, keep
-to do something fun: crafts, drawing, photography, puzzles, yoga, tasting the goodness....

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