About the strategy of avoiding reproductive roles.


Functional reproductive system can be divided into sexual and parental. This division corresponds to the two female roles:

  1. I-Mature woman.
  2. I was a Mother.

the Balance of these two roles and their acceptance of the promise the harmony of body and soul.

there are several Possible strategies of interaction of these roles in one body.

1 to Be a Mature woman and mother appealing and pleasant.

2 Woman to be nice and attractive, but the parent role is not interesting, tedious, premature, dangerous.

3 Mother to be good, but Mature femininity tiring, scary, imposes additional obligations.

4 it is Terrible to be a Mature woman, but even more dangerous to be a mother.

5 Woman to be attractive and desirable maternal role attracted, interested, but at the same time, is unknown and uncertain future.

Such strategies are deeply unconscious, manifesting symptom of the reproductive system, they become psychosomatic guarantees of non-ignorable role.

it would Seem, why to run such a complicated defense mechanism, but it is the most reliable to the forces of socio-cultural and family settings.

To make it clearer let me give some examples from practice.

Strategy # 2. The girl, a second-year student, was Armenian, married 2 years (by European standards, early marriage) is not against children, but wants to go back to College and get an education, but the husband and the relatives insist on the birth of their first child. Went to a psychologist because of the inability longer to resist the onslaught of the relatives. A short attempt resulted in an ectopic pregnancy. The pipe was saved. Maternal role for the clients desirable, but not timely. Such a terrible and sophisticated way, the body is protected it is undesirable in a given period of time pregnancy.

Strategy # 3. Woman, 25 years old, married, working in pre-school education, loves and wants children, but the couple in constrained conditions. On the background of delayed menstruation for 7 days, doing the ultrasound. Study shows pregnancy 13 weeks. For 3 previous months was observed uterine bleeding, corresponding to the days of menstruation. Pregnancy is wanted, but not supported by external resources is characteristic of Mature woman (Mature woman gives birth to a child in poor housing conditions). All this time, a woman kept the pregnancy a secret from yourself, "hid the embryo" against a possible abortion.

the Strategy of avoiding reproductive roles can be surprising and tragic, but they are only scenarios that every single woman plays in his life on his own.

Anastasia Volkova
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