About their mistakes.


  Almost any person in one way or another is influenced by society. Some people refer to this more relaxed and restrained, because the opinions of others does not have to be a large deciding factor, but there are those who are on the contrary very much focused on the evaluation of their actions by society.

  Often those who experience less impact of society, feel much more confident in all areas of life. By and large, they understand that the laws(requirements) society must be adhered to, but only to a limit till they (the laws) do not harm the internal state of the person and his mood. While these people have the understanding that their own actions primarily should be aimed at creation of comfortable living conditions for themselves and their loved ones, not to others other people. They are aware of the fact that it can be in certain situations to make mistakes, to not know something. They have weaknesses, they still need to work without feelings of guilt or shame in front of others, because it is their own life. And therefore they live and change, based on their wants and needs.

  the other category of people who experience a significant dependence on the opinions of others situation in life is much more complicated. The fact that they have a strong belief that from society and others, they should only receive approval. And if not, people feel very bad. One of the features of these people is a heightened sense of shame. This is due to the fact that such people find it very difficult to admit their mistakes and that they can have weaknesses.

  Respectively making a mistake, such a person will experience not only its consequence, but also ashamed of how to treat others. And it's not just about the middle circle. Such a person believes that in the eyes of others it should always look presentable, not to make mistakes, to understand all the issues, have no weaknesses.

  When a person perceives himself thus, in difficult situations, and when they lost, it will be usually more to blame in the incident, the circumstances or other people, you will have to avoid taking responsibility for what happened. However, he will still experience the internal feeling of shame, but will be his to keep. This will naturally reflect on the human condition, and not for the better.

  to Admit their mistakes without feeling shame, a very useful skill that can greatly facilitate human life. To make it more comfortable and enjoyable.

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