the Man wanted. Came. Knows where he wants to go, asking for help, started working with him.

And began.

there was a system in which each element played its part. Sustainable. The existing years. Neurosis, the customer's problem was not only built into this system, but have maintained the existence of the system.

And now began the process of freeing the client from the problem, or problems from the client.

Interesting things begin to emerge. Someone from the family to improve relations. There is a wonderful insight, approach, understanding of the other. And happiness becomes more.

someone close to you everything is collapsing like a house on sand from a light wave. Saw it with my eyes without the neurosis and all.

What happens?

it depends. If the problem, the neurosis, the child was holding the relations of the spouses, gave them the sense of living together, fueled their "love" powers, and when the child is outside of this dysfunctional system, can be cured from the problem, the relationship crumbles.

If the family for many years attended the "love triangle", changing only in one corner (where there is lyubovnica), with the recovery of one family member, and collapsing the system. Now subrogatory can begin to live with "achenpromenade loved one" openly. The system is no longer viable. There is, of course, will "festival", but that's another story.

And situations a lot, and they are different, and at the same time have their own laws, understandable perhaps only to a specialist. Because us controls what we don't understand.

In the process of psychotherapy is healing of the particles of the human soul. And communication, interaction with family is not sick, but healthy brains.

And then comes the new: his own, but not someone else's choice. Else, have their true behavior, understanding.

the environment used to established. Though war, disease, and conflict, and the use of another, but all are familiar. And the system tries to return everything to normal.

the Child began to live with your opinion, without the neurosis of obsessions, for example, self-contained, it return the system under the pretext of a sudden illness of the Pope. And again, control and suppression of opinion.

Or Ostracoda depression relieved by promiscuity in a new family. All the problems and neuroses are transferred
to the new family. And old song in a new way.

Or to retrieve lost control and care problem neurotic (such as Allergy or panic attack) suddenly begin at another family member.

If the system wins, neurosis returned, even with a vengeance.

Therapy also gives people the new feature that the return to the past is not. The system crashing at the root of all and for all.

And in its place built a new and in a new way.

the Joy of rapprochement between the spouses, even without custody of "the sick child". Attention to each other. Not the neurosis of the child.

take your partner as he really is, with all the pluses and cockroaches. Instead of hiding their heads in the sand.

the True feelings and attitudes instead of "shovel in hand" and castles on the sand.

the Opportunity to Express their feelings and desires instead of manipulating debt, disease.

do Not be afraid to do so, as he decided, instead of learned helplessness, supported the "caring" spouse.

the New reality is illusory.

Shulga Veronica
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