About tight shoes and beliefs


it would Seem, wearing a new, priznachennya shoes to go to work in them, then, of course, to RUB his feet and suffer – who doesn't? That happened to me, it's something everyday)

Everyday – not everyday, but brought on many interesting thoughts, with which I want to share.

Thought first. uncomfortable shoes it is very difficult to move around. And not because your feet have something wrong, but because you yourself (voluntarily!) limited in their freedom. On the legs like heavy pads, which hinder you to walk like you did before and could easily make wearing shoes comfortable. And this was nothing like uncomfortable shoes, immediately limits your activity: do not walk the walk, don't go into a shop, and indeed remains in the head only one thought: "home, to go home soon!"

of Course, this post is not about shoes, not Podiatry. And our Pro life beliefs. Just as boots, we are "shoes" for yourself beliefs. Similarly, they can be close to us, they can tie up our movements, desires, actions. They may not be suitable to us, and to be chosen just because: "everyone does it", "that's right, I was raised", "how different?" BUT, self-electing them for some reason, we limit ourselves. Our personality remains the same, capable of anything, but she can not Express themselves fully. But unlike the situation with the shoes, we think it is in us that we are "crippled".

second Thoughts. How our feet in tight shoes with the help of physical pain let us know that they feel bad and uncomfortable, so the psyche begins to signal the discomfort in all possible ways (irritability, anger, anxiety, somatic disorders, etc., etc.). That's the only reason to feet we listen more often and with less resistance.

Thought third. the First wish when you RUB your feet – immediately remove these torture pads. But no! You persevere and persist in them going to the house. And why? But because it is the lesser evil. Walking down the street and experiencing severe pain, I clearly understood that: first, if I take off my shoes, I would be very cold and wet, and secondly, I can catch any infection from the street, and, thirdly, people will look at me like I was crazy, and I would feel very uncomfortable. So while we can endure – will endure. And yet – if I had a spare pair of shoes, I would immediately pereobulsya.

It is the same with religion – we can't get rid of them just just drop them off. It's scary. We always need to develop some belief in return. We need to feel that they do not become worse. We need to be prepared that people will start to appreciate us otherwise. But because changing beliefs is a slow process and requires training.

CONCLUSION: pay attention to how you live in your beliefs as they suit you as they do your and "your size". And if you understand that you are close to them – think of what they could be? As you can change them? At what cost will this happen and how can I make it less traumatic?

Wear comfortable shoes, comfortable beliefs, and life will be more comfortable!;)

Bityukova Natalia
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