While for the computer... (part one: the experience of anticipation)

Now loaded the site, and the speed, like, wow, but not loaded, and need a lot of patience to wait for the end of the end of the magic act of information transfer.

Patience.. And what is, in essence, patience? That generally means to endure, not flour, no, a bear just like in real life?

How often do we suffer?

In my experience I can say: I suffer often, very. In the bus, while taking the child to kindergarten, on the phone, while expecting the child from school, in the kitchen while the soup cooked, the tram, when the available space or I can drive to work.. but you never know where.

And here is one link for me now seems inevitable: patience is waiting. I'm waiting for. Wait, when event occurs, is important to me. A solution for the next step in life, as if standing at the door of the Elevator and wait when they will open and you can go further.

And so such an expectation would be impossible for me if not hope that it is not in vain that I need the action once, after all, will happen: the son will call, the bus drive, the trams do not stand up and I will come still at the right stop, the soup is ready, and the site finally loaded.

What would have happened if it were not for this hope? I probably wouldn't wait. Not tolerated. But how many circumstances of life I would have to lose, however?

So, I spend time on patience, and hope? I feel hope at the same time excruciating for me waiting, and in this struggle the opposite, in this context, feelings, I spend enough most of the time.

And patience is anger. I think that's where it comes from, and find only one source of her knowledge. I know from experience that all anticipated events that will happen sooner or later, but they don't happen, and I have accumulated tension from the confrontation of expectations. And the longer I wait, the longer you suffer, the more anger I discover because experience shows that all things must be done, and I spend time in the Elevator instead of to go on.

And there is always a chance. The probability that an event that I expect will never happen. And then there is fear. Fear feeds anger, crushes hope, weight patience. More important than expected — more difficult to withstand this break to live: fear of weight anger, fear grows and overshadows hope. But it's only when you have to wait a very long and very important things.

And in ordinary life everything is much simpler, faster, clearer, easier.

and here is the site loaded... Hey, life.

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