Good evening! The other day I had a consultation with a mother and her 4-year-old son. She turned to me with the complaint that the child does not eat anything either at home or in kindergarten. At the meeting we figured out a long time how was breast feeding, how long she breast-fed her baby, what is the process of weaning and the feeding is this hour, because something is still eating it! As a result, the mother was told that feeding her son breast milk up to 2.5 years. Moreover, the weaning happened naturally, as the milk simply disappeared and the child began to nervously pull at his chest, knowing that there's nothing there. During breastfeeding the baby to finish feeding the soup and second courses. After interrupting breastfeeding son continued to eat soup, mashed potatoes, sharply rejected the second course, and a year ago I stopped eating the soup. Food today consists of tea and 2 slices of bread for Breakfast and "treats" throughout the day candy, cookies. cakes etc I drew her attention to how to carry out breastfeeding - because this process is the same every mom! Someone feeds in silence, someone shakes a child, someone is humming a song and Joker with the child during feeding. She was a Joker. And from memories, and mother and son were both beaming. Reached out her hands to the mother's breast, and stretched his lips into a tube clearly showing their attitude to this process and what he does. After all, the mother had to go to work. And they broke that, an emotional connection in which they were both good. So we found the psychological reason that a child does not eat this hour.
In this case, the recommendations I have divided into medical and psychological.
To health need to include the observance of clear rules in nutrition:
Child feeding by the clock, and if the child refuses to eat the plate of food just removed without lamentations and entreaties. However, he should know that next time he can eat only at lunch without any snacks during the break. Of course the food must be complete, not bread with tea.the
psychological recommendations need to include regular communication with the child, as it is here, according to the mother of a rarity. And it should not be formal, because it is Necessary. And with the soul and jokers as during breastfeeding, in order to restore the emotional bond between them that was lost.
And of course love, Love and Love again.
And the fact that we found the right answers in this situation was that towards the end of our meeting, the child sweetly asleep, clinging to my mother on the knees.

🎄Happiness to You and Your family😊

When writing the article was kept confidential.

Author: Cherkashina Maria Valeryevna.

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