About women's sexuality (part 2).

Reflections of a psychologist.

"From the point of view of relations with the opposite sex, a woman can play four roles: sexual object, sister, romantic ideal, and mother.

At the primitive stage of human development, these aspects are not divided: a woman, with all the variety of its functions, acts as a Great Mother, combining all inherent to the role. With the advent of the Ego and the withering away of the matriarchal way of life of the unity women's personality splits into opposite in nature categories: sexual object and mother. Prior to this feature the great Mother combined both these roles. The dissociation that has arisen since the beginning of civilization, can be seen as a process, at first imperceptible, and then more and more obvious. the
Evolution of culture with the advent of Christianity and the ideas of selfless brotherly love identified two aspects of female identity - the role of sisters and the romantic ideal.

Mentioned 4 roles correspond to the four stages of the personal life of a woman: Daughter, Sister, Lover (the romantic ideal) and Mother.

Psychosexual development of women is the process of development in which each stage comprises follow-up to her maturing personality. When a woman reaches ultimate parent stage, it has already passed through the other facets of his nature and have successfully incorporated them into itself. Motherhood is not the goal and final stage of perfection of the female creature. The next stage of development grows from the previous one. A woman cannot play the role of a sister, if she played the role of daughter. If its development has variations that stop her at some earlier stage, the behavior of adult women will reflect them, and some facet of the personality will dominate." "if its behavior is limited and structured in a specific role, the man will perceive a woman in this role.

So, the man visiting prostitutes is that they offer themselves playing the role of sexual objects. If the psychosexual development of women standing on one of these stages, the reaction men beyond the specific role she played. He will unconsciously respond to this role...". (A. Lowen's "Love and orgasm").

to see me comes a lady with tears: "he's a jerk cheating on me; he in anything does not put me he's using me (I still do for him: cook, clean house, with children you have homework to do , feed them...); we work together all the time together, but he began to disappear somewhere with friends; his wife is so terrible, just are not watching, he's only with me well; I don't know who I want, all not the same...". Learn ladies ? On the face of the dominance of one of the female roles, in the language of psychosynthesis identification with one of the female personalities when the nice lady can not switch to other parts of your personality and demonstrates your man only one way... Wanting to change your partner women 100% lose, because her partner is only her own reflection, a projection of animus on the unsuspecting man. In the process of therapy my clients become acquainted with our Inner world, with all its heroines and learn to manage them.

"1. Suspension of maturation at the level of Daughters associated with the failure to overcome the situation of the Oedipus complex, fixing her personality on the role of sexual object. A woman becomes a "psychological prostitute" and easily can become a professional prostitute.

  • Sisterly attitude to man grows out of common interests and feeling of equality. It reflects the feelings of girls prepubertatne of age to boys of her age group, to their brothers and friends. Sisterhood at its core devoid of sexuality because it is biologically determined latent period, which lasts from 5-6 years up to the time of maturity.

  • the Woman, whose identity is recorded on the romantic level (Beloved), enters into a relationship with men as a sexual person. It differs from the type of the daughter-prostitute who takes himself as an impersonal sexual object. But even though the call comes to men with sexual level, her personality eliminates the possibility that she has a sexual influence in this world, she is diminished to a sexual object. Thus, at some level of his personality she saves her virginity. Her psychosexual development corresponds to the adolescent stage age 16-17 years.

  • the Insidiousness of neurotic tendencies in marriage is most pronounced in the marital problems of a woman who plays against the man Mother.."
    (A. Lowen's "Love and orgasm").

    Indications for psychoanalytic work:
    - love addiction
    - injury development of shock trauma (PTSD)
    - difficulty of building relationships with the opposite sex,
    - loneliness
    - the crises in family (male-female) relations,
    - age/assistenziale crises,
    - break up (ending a relationship)
    - parent-child relationships,
    psychosomatic disorders

sexual problems

depressive disorders

-anxiety-phobic disorders, etc.

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