Epileptoid. The characteristic viscous and tense moral atmosphere, demonstrative and mannerisms in behavior, irritability and other excitable types.
the name of psycho was due to the seizures, similar to epileptic seizure. The main purpose epileptoid-structureat the outside world. This is the reason for their meticulousness, nicety to detail.
But, most of all, tired of their structuring morality. They certainly impose their opinions, who should do what, who is responsible for what, who is who and what is obligated, and, of course, will fit in relationship to other people. His mask is diligent, honest and decent man, but if you dig a little deeper, behind all this is that there are tons of selfishness. He judges solely on their own.
When meeting epileptoid may seem very impressive, friendly knows how to win people, demonstrative and mannered, clean and dressed to the nines. But the first impression is deceptive.
If he thinks that You said something to hurt him, then the relationship will turn on its head. With familiarity - you can expect bursts of anger, rage, clomping feet. Remember, epileptoid touchy and vindictive.
it is possible to say about eksplozivnost - outbursts in which they can be extremely violent, which is a pathology of the individual. Often this state occurs during alcohol intoxication.
do Not confuse the demonstrative epileptoidov and isteroidov. Epileptoid uses his "talent" in order to show who is boss, tie the necessary acquaintances, to carry out their cunning plans.
Often epileptoid moving up the ladder pretty high, and then become boastful snobs.

the Image. Faina Ranevskaya and her role, which left the imprint of her personal traits.

the Image. Immanuel Kant. Main on morality in philosophy. Describe the principles of obligation. Responsibilities to others and to himself loved.
If You still don't know who first have to shake hands, and the number of guests appropriate for the party-can see how it works.

the Image. Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. A mixture of epileptic and psychasthenic aktsentirovano. "Crime and punishment." A tale of moral, ethical, and moral anxieties and anguish which tortured innocent students. Although the society need "zavinovatit" is a question of policy and management. That is why this novel is in the curriculum at any power


Ilya Novikov
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