Accentuated character. Part one: "Hyperchem"
there are high level of socialization, sociability, activity, energy, always in a good mood( the word "hypertime" two parts: "Tim" means mood; "Hyper" is high) . Usually are not high tall, possess a slim physique, movable, and at the same time well developed physically. Say quickly, a lot of, often inconsistent, can jump from thought to thought.
it's sociability is accompanied by a "lightness" and a superficial attitude. In short, where more fun-gonna be hypertime and then
is genuinely surprised when he show that he had completely forgotten about the old comrades. He'll just make a surprised face and say that it was urgent to move the refrigerator to the country to grandma or something like that. Not punctual, in consequence of the fact that it is impossible to calculate its priorities, its all the time. Disadvantage of communication is that it captures everything on the fly and speaks absolutely no filter, "what I say". To speak hypertime impossible. Usually, strategy hypertime to start a conversation with jokes, and while you're thinking what to say, he will tell you everything you need and don't need, take the thread of the conversation into his own hands. The only one who can calm the ardor hypertime-authoritative personality, as hyperten-
an absolute conformist, he says, need to do what other people do (usually the same hypertime as it is) to be a "normal">
the Image. A plant worker. Joker and abusive. Drink because everybody drinks. Loves the same work as he does not like smart-ass bosses, oligarchs and Jews. Energetic, soul of the>
the Image. Soviet Winnie the Pooh, voiced the accelerated voice Leonova. Thinks quickly and axiom: "If I in something understand, the hole is a burrow, but burrow is a Rabbit. A Rabbit is the right company and the right company-is a company where we can something to eat."

the Image. Tomboy delinquent. Loves the company of men, but men often it is perceived only as a>
the Image. Artemis(Diana) -goddess of the hunt. Female archetype with masculine>
the Overall percentage of hypertime about 15% . PEP needs of the population.

Ilya Novikov
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