Accentuation of character. Part two. Isteroid


the Characteristic emotionalism, pathos, inspired by the rhetoric: the story of the event through the subjective sensory perception of the narrator in "star in shock". From the Greek word hystera means "uterus, the reproductive organ of women."
For hysterical psycho is very important appearance, image: makeup, hair, clothes, tattoos, piercings, behavior. In addition, a particularly important Central role that is played by isteroid whole life, as if on stage: "the dying Swan", "star screen", "cool", the "homeless beggar", "misunderstood figure", "scary biker", "beauty-model".
C Freud believed that women hysteroid stems from the fact that the father "did not take her in childhood". Therefore, this conspicuous pattern remains
with the onset of puberty. Girl flirting, seductive dresses, but in actual fact it is only a mask, the role of seducer and object of seduction in childhood. To get to the true motives and desires isteroidov almost impossible, since their expression is replaced with a surrogate of the external attributes. As well as hypertime, their attitude towards others, to an even greater extent of surface.
They can immediately forget about these promises and words. Their feelings are not deep, and their commitment to You. They do not care what You perceive the virtues or villains, the main thing not to remain indifferent to the public.

the Image. Rapper. Reading poetry in an aggressive style. Demonstrative, wearing heavy chains, crosses, and other attributes. Any fan of the show: stylish cars, glamorous women, fighting stands, well-developed muscles, therefore, sometimes found in gyms.

the Image. Baron Munchausen. Amateur to write and invent. Talks about the countless exploits of the master to win the attention of listeners.

the Image. Child. If you take away a toy throws a tantrum. Hysterics hysterics. What is there to add?

the Image. TP. No comment.

the Expressed hysteroid can be observed in approximately 6% of the population.

Ilya Novikov
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