Accept yourself as is. Part 1


How to accept yourself?

Before you answer, let's see what's it about? "Accept yourself". What do you mean "accept"? For me personally, it means "let be".

Respectively, "to accept yourself" - "allow yourself to be who you are." Now ask yourself the question: who am I?

What first came to mind? The answers are approximately: W/m, person, physician/artist, wife/husband, mother/father, daughter/son, etc.

Indeed, it's all true, but in addition to all of the above that
is inherently social roles, we still have the body, thoughts, feelings, desires and instincts.

for some disorders it seems that no desire, but it is not. The fact is that once a ban was imposed on their expression. The same story with feelings. br>
for Example, the parents were emotionally cold and rational, all the manifestations of emotions in a child suppressed and even punished. Also
supported launchers: to show feelings, which means to be weak. The child grew with the inability to Express emotions, low sensitivity,
possibly - psychosomatic disorders (as a legal strain relief). br>
Or another example. He is much more suited to our theme. All manifestations of the child criticized the rigid, demanding parents.
whatever you do - it's not that. Inside the child decides, "I like that", "something's wrong", "I'm worse than others".

there's a habit to suppress all desires and impulses - they are all still not working. A person grows up completely losing himself, without desires and meaning. br>
When prasarana one of the spheres there is a feeling of emptiness, the hole. Very symbolic and clearly reflects the reality. This is neprene yourself. Or rather the rejection of some of its parts.

it Turns out to afford to be need to find the parts that we ourselves reject, accept their existence, assign them and restore their integrity. br>
Sounds simple enough, but how to do it?
However, that begs a whole series of articles. Propose to act in stages. br>
To start with motivation. As in any case the desired result may come only by understanding the "Why". br>
In his book of personal growth (one is not - advised to start)
ask yourself 2 questions:
1. I can't accept myself? (figure; don't like yourself when you're angry, etc. on items)
2. What will I get if I let all of this be? how to change my life, I will notice others, how will I feel? br>
And in the next post, let's consider what bonuses gives you acceptance of yourself and then the plan. br>
Friends, to whom the topic is relevant, write in the comments and I'll know that you're with me. And write the answer on the 1st question, so I can consider your cases when I have further recommendations. br>
good Luck! I hope you're with me! br>

Sumiregawa Kate
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