Two important needs of the child to be adopted (definitely a favorite) and recognized.

the Unconditional acceptance is a message to the child "You any (healthy or sick, raging or being sad, joyful or fearful, dependent, or separate, unlike me, etc.) is good. You love us as you are, unconditionally". This is what is called motherly love (the archetypal, the parent could start with the mother and the father).

Recognition (or a father's love – again, the archetypal paternal) is associated with the actions of the child, his achievements, successes, "you did it. You can do it. You're doing fine. What you do is good." to Give healthy recognition – it means to notice even the small steps of the child to note their importance, to help to do something better.

Parents alive, imperfect themselves are often missed and unrecognized – can't always meet the needs of the child fully, and grown children remains a shortage of acceptance and recognition.

And as a for adults the best

or continue:

- don't make yourself into something to be ashamed of and not to love yourself some, trying to become someone not to those who are now;

- to be afraid of external evaluations of their actions, not to be able to rejoice, to usurp their achievements and successes, endlessly to prove to someone, that can and is able;

or, realizing:

what doesn't take himself that in itself is not love to grow a loving inner mother, give yourself the necessary acceptance, and love;

the difficulties and fears that stand in the way of action and self-realization is to give a support, learn to notice what happens to praise myself, to allow myself the "imperfect" action.

Acceptance and recognition is a process, not a goal.

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