This stage of development of the psyche is called the anal, during this period the child's interest shifts from the mouth area on the area of the sphincter, which he learns to control it.

What is an anal stage, how it looks in life, what to pay attention to parents and how to help your child to live this period is favorable for the psyche.

potty Training is causing parents a lot of questions from the experts disputes, children have feelings of bewilderment when not physically ready to potty child's trick, tricks, force accustomed to the neatness.

the importance of the anal stage of emotional well-being of the child huge child's first encounter with a social norm. Depending on how this "collision" will occur, will depend on the child's relationship to the standards and requirements in the future. br>
Relationship with my mother at this stage is inconsistent, the child approaches her, kisses, hugs, intimacy's, on the contrary, aggressively attacking the mother, to bite, to punch, to push, often says "no", it becomes stubborn. Thus, the child tests the boundaries of love mom, it's like he says "when I'm good, you love me, can you love me bad, when I bite, I fight." br>
it is important for mom to maintain stability, the parent's position, if mom breaks down, begins to scream at the child or in response bites him, pushes, then the child understands "there are no adults here", because in this moment you from an adult/parent position yourself in the role of the same small child. And if "there are no grownups" so the child is not one to rely on, it's not safe for him, so your boundaries child to undermine (whims, tantrums) that would get you out, but in the hope that you will keep the stability that will allow the child to lean on you. br>
Physiological needs in the development of the pot of the child, there is psychological - it is "the desire to preserve a mother's love", earned her the praise, to give mom a pleasant or "fear" when the child decides that it is not love. At older ages of these children say that they see only the threat, otherwise they cannot influence. br>
Like to understand what the child is ready to potty? If the child can take the pants and go up the steps of moving two legs at once. Then we can talk about the readiness physiological, a kind of "sensitive period of potty training" when the training process will be easy for baby and easy for parents. br>
When the mother anticipates the child's desire and puts on the pot. The child went to the potty, mom happy, dad happy, and what happens to the child? He ran, ran, suddenly grabbed him, took off his pants and sat on the potty, the process happened, everyone is happy. br>
We want that the child had thought and was able to notice their physiological urges ' (the fullness of the bladder, tingling, heaviness and correlated this with the process of urination or stool). br>
If the kid did it in his pants, he feels uncomfortable, wet, cold or Avon, then starts to make connections, what's going on before it became unpleasant, listen to your body, learning to hear my body starts control of the sphincter. br>
the Child begins to consciously control your body and taking responsibility for your physiological process. br>
to be Continued...

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