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In today's article I want to share with you the strategies of exit from the state of acquired helplessness. | Reading time 3 minutes

the Acquired helplessness is a condition when a person does not attempt to improve their life, although has the opportunity. br>
Usually develops on the background of several failed attempts and unsuccessful ending. br>
is Characterized by passivity, aggression and reluctance to change the status quo. br>
Accompanied by a loss of control over life, apathy and disbelief in themselves. br>
in order to work out the acquired helplessness, we propose 3 approaches:

1. Work with beliefs

the Acquired helplessness on the level of meaning, marks the problem as intractable and invalidating any resources that can change things. br>
study of the beliefs pereformuliruem meanings that puts our brain in what is happening with us and we can easily begin to solve “unsolvable” problems, finding the necessary resources where they are before we just have not seen. br>
2. Positive consolidation

the Brain learns. He learns to scale the pleasure and minimize pain in all forms of life. In the case of acquired helplessness he labels the solution as the source of pain and trouble and avoid actions towards resolution of the problem. br>
Learn how to praise yourself for each positive result that you get, and in the nervous system there snap - the achievement of pleasure. This will push your brain forward to the results. br>
3. Hidden benefits

the Brain saves energy. He's not doing the extra steps. If there is a problem at a deep level, it is beneficial to us. Change begins with awareness holding the reasons that can negate all our efforts. br>
Why do I benefit from this state of things? This is the main question we must ask ourselves to defeat the acquired helplessness. br>

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Daniel Nazarkin
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