Active and passive resources...

I often have to give the job to the consultations to raise the tone and General condition — a search of their resources. Without emotional feeding outside will be very difficult to person to adapt and the more satisfied and full.

in the beginning it is difficult. First we make a list of what you like to do and what we would like. If very, very difficult to get what you like to do, I give a list of Olga Valeevoj "85 ways to fill the feminine energy". You can "write off" and try!

And now I want to add a "BUT"! Conventionally, all resources can be divided into two types — "active" and "passive". That is, to get them, you either have to take evasive action, or simply buy or obtain for free!

When I look at the list I give, I often see that:

— satisfaction, out very expensive options meet their needs. They become so unreachable....that once a person give up...
for Example, a person likes to travel and he writes in the list — a trip to the Maldives, world, etc in the eyes of the right amount with lots of zeros...
Journey — movement on any territory or water area for the purpose of their study, as well as with educational, informative, sporting and other purposes (Wikipedia). That is, we can choose any area and explore! Do not have far to go. You can explore your own city and the suburbs to go to a neighboring town or even to explore new walking routes from work to home if desired.

is dominated by active resources — to get them, we should still try! For example, yoga/Pilates/dancing/aerobics etc, it is necessary to allocate the time come to change, the lesson is to do something, and then another to go home... And man's lowered tone and so and here we have the power to make. So to start, if you want just motor activity without serious physical and financial investment, it is possible to do at home on video or just more likely to walk to it did not cause a strong resistance.

"Harmful" resources - for example, sweet (yum-yum). They give a very quick resource of fun, but very harmful to health in large quantities. So you need to check on the sustainability of this demand and find a replacement that will bring similar feelings. Often the replacement is any sweet pleasures for the body (sex, hugs, kisses, massages, etc.) or emotional contact and communication.

resources of the same type — for example, if a person often works as the head (intellectual work), he is likely to stay will need to choose options, where the head is not involved. This can be some exercise, simple meditation, massage, jumping on the trampoline, dancing. In General, all that gives rest to the head, where there is no need to think and analyze.

We're laughing with colleagues that psychologists, for example, to the theatre do not go, because it's not funny and the whole statement they analyze what is happening, who has what injury and personal history))) In General, no vacation, and a solid job So be sure to choose something that brings a change of activity! br>
And what resources You choose and why? What brings You pleasure?

Glazunova Olga
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