And again about the adoption) About it, personally, I have not once mentioned in his articles here, here, there and out out there))) Today's article is another reflection on the importance of adoption in each of our lives)

the Adoption can be viewed as a process and as a choice or decision.

Adoption as the process always starts with denial. Negation is zero point adoption. in other words-the refusal to accept any situation. Denial is often manifested as a defense mechanism of the mind that he is not nice. In other words, the mind resists what is not willing to accept. Resistance anything -it is the struggle and tension within you. Any opposition (resistance) only adds to the action itself. The stronger you are, the more time and energy you are aiming at something that does not accept and reinforce it in their own eyes. Resistance as a form of denial there is always opposition to the situation that causes fear within you. The best defense is a good offense. That is why the denial is the second stage of adoption, aggression or anger, what is a priori in no way improves the situation of the adoption, for the mind is blocked aggressive emotions ( fear, resentment, guilt, hatred, revenge, etc.) and the problem is not solved but only exacerbated by her overall picture.Moreover, the vector of direction of aggression may vary: the anger is directed at the situation, anger directed at himself, anger directs the world around you. Such a response leads to emotional devastation. but not to resolving the situation. Realizing the futility of emotional response. a person begins to make the first attempt as yet to try to resolve the situation - he begins try to bargain, to agree with himself and with the situation. This kind of game in self-deception. emotional impotence naturally does not give the expected result and the person usually falls in depressionunder a press of their own negative emotions, where it is and continue to lose time and energy. This is the period of greatest suffering acute mental pain. A deep dive into the truth of the situation. This period may last for a long period of time. People can spend years of his life, to pretend that the situation there, he or she is not important or to find other ways to work around it, but the fight could be postponed, but avoiding it is impossible-the way out of this is where the entrance to making situation. If you do not accept the situation=you are depriving yourself of the ability to solve it.

the Adoption process as possible is appropriate in situations related to illness, grief, death of loved ones, but when a person says " I'm in the process of making yourself, your parents etc, then I'm sorry, it looks at least a little reasonable and absurd.

Accept as solution as a choice -a short-term reasonable interpretation" Yes, there is a situation=it means I really have to solve=for all his time.

the Situation any occurs when we are ready for it. Yes, we are, inside us there is a certain willingness to solve this problem own development. Willingness and desire to solve different moments that are often confused. Often we are almost ready, but not willing to decide anything, but in order to justify their reluctance -it is easier to tell about their own unpreparedness, but is this true? Rather self-deception. And one more thing, the full readiness to resolve a life situation arises. when you take responsibility for the solution to this situation. then inside you start to feel the force for its beautiful resolution.

Accepting the situation, you direct all your energy on the solution and you have the ability to a beautiful result.

take care of the time of his life. wisely expend your physical and mental energy to receive joy in every moment of your life!

With you in the spring!! Make it Sunny and happy!!

I would be glad if my articles, you will be useful in the practice of your life!

Thank you for your "thank you", you say" pressing the button "thank you" )

Tatiana Savenko
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