it is Important to be able to see in man real man, earthly, present, with their advantages and disadvantages. Often women, particularly those prone to addiction (love addiction) tend to idealize the partner, throwing his image on a pedestal, ignoring the real Identity of this person.

Some period of interactions and relationships this approach - an excellent soil for heating of love, sexual excitement and euphoria, but it is fraught! What? The fact that man is real and he always has a downside of their heroic traits. If you let perfect and nedelnom manifestation a person simply to be "bleaching" of man and not turning away from its essence, which is multifaceted - it has its pros and cons if you look from the point of view of the dual perception of surprises and unpleasant surprises will not happen. And even if they do happen, treat them to be quiet, because man is not God, he is real and can make mistakes, blunders and stumble. If you look at man as a hero 24/7, sooner or later he will disappoint you, or simply leave, unable to withstand stress from constant playing heroic roles. it is Important to allow yourself and him to be real.

When we see in man real person, I can tell him that we don't like to sound without constraint, for example, how do we want to do with us having sex, man grows and develops, becoming more adapted, successful and competitive in the business world and other males. When we erect it on the top, adjust to and I'm afraid that he will leave, agreeing to any of his behavior, we do worse and him and myself. A woman is not flattering jester who accompanies the "crazy" their king, the tyrant, the woman is an affectionate purring energy, is the neck, through which the head oscillates. If you realize and broadcast, the next man will be even better and cooler. Well or not will make transformations and go, finding "a woman of Poprad" and at the same time freeing up space for the male stronger. In any case, we have nothing to fear and idealize, even with all these conditions, not least the most afford to be real.

© V. Gubanov

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